FaceTime Date: Where, How, and Why Meet During the Pandemic.

    FaceTime Date: Where, How, and Why Meet During the Pandemic.
    FaceTime Date: Where, How, and Why Meet During the Pandemic.

    Lost the opportunity to go on a date, people have not ceased to get acquainted: dating applications note unprecedented user activity, and Zoom and FaceTime have replaced cafes and cinemas. In early March, the coronavirus pandemic imposed severe restrictions in most countries of the world.

    Restaurants and parks closed down and we stopped communicating due to the risk of infection. But in the absence of alternatives, people quickly mastered a variety of online formats for dating.

    Three billion matches.

    Statistics show that people began to use dating services more often during the pandemic. At the end of April, the Tinder application took third place in the rating of the most “cash” non-game applications for the month, and on March 29, its developers recorded a record number of piles (scrolling through questionnaires) – 3 billion for one day.

    The general quarantine and the desire to attract additional interest in the application prompted the Tinder team to make the function free of charge, with the help of which you can search for a partner anywhere in the world. In addition, the company plans to present a major update by the end of June.

    Match Group, which includes Tinder, conducted a survey on how communication preferences have changed among users of dating services – 69% of respondents said they want to communicate in video format. To meet this demand, Tinder will launch a video call feature.

    Representatives of Bumble, Tinder’s main competitor in the U.S., also noted the increase in the use of the application. By the end of April, users were sending 16% more messages than before quarantine. Video calls increased by 40%.

    FaceTime Date: Where, How, and Why Meet During the Pandemic.
    Face Time Date: Where, How, and Why Meet During the Pandemic.

    “We conducted surveys among users and found that many of them had a more heart-warming conversation during bad news of quarantine. For example, one girl told us that after the video call, a young man sent her flowers. This shows that people tend to have close contact at such a difficult time,” comments Bumble. – We support any communication, but we call for dates only online.

    To facilitate this, we have launched several new features. One of them is the “Ready for a virtual date” badge in your profile. It will help you choose the person who also wants to communicate in video format.

    Bubmble has also launched an online game: “You both answer the same questions (e.g. how you have entertained yourself in recent weeks) and thus find something in common. We also allowed people to search around the world by removing the distance filter restrictions, and introduced audio messages to bring people closer to each other during the pandemic.

    What’s wrong with video dating

    FaceTime dating in some respects successfully simulates a real meeting, but in part it negatively affects communication. It’s not just an obvious lack of feeling from physical contact, Irene notes the dual nature of online meetings: “For me, real communication has a greater distance than talking on FaceTime.

    When you call up a video with a person, you immediately shoot the boundaries. You see each other in your home clothes, in a kind of intimate setting. But you haven’t really gotten to know each other yet, and you don’t know anything about each other. This kind of communication quickly dies down.

    It is important not to go into endless conversations about culture and art. Otherwise, the potential partner becomes a pen pal. I try to bring an element of flirtation into the conversation. For example, with one guy, we played Truth or Action.

    Another difficulty with FaceTime dating is that you’re looking at yourself, not at the person. It’s always tricky to see if I look okay. It’s even harder to know if a person is comfortable with you. In live communication, if you start to load the person you are talking to, he feels it immediately. During a video call, it’s harder to get feedback.


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