Facebook Tactics To Help Your Business Reach More Young Users


    The bond between Facebook and young users between the age of 13 and 34 is like that of the relationship between Google and the internet. Just like Google is the first thing to cross our minds when we think about the internet, Facebook is the first thing that comes to young people’s minds when they think about exploring the online world. And why not, Facebook is the one-stop destination for everything they want to get from the world – they meet friends online, they catch the latest news, they watch celebrity gossips, they explore the latest fashion that is creating the right buzz and whatnot.

    If you take a look at the statistics, you might as well be misled into believing that Facebook allows entry only to young users. Recent Facebook data reveals that users between 13 and 17 form 5.6%, between 18 and 24, 24%, and between 25 and 34, a whopping 32%. Hence, over 61% of all Facebook users belong to the young strata of society.

    If you are planning to expand your business by using Facebook, the lead-generating minefield, then you are in the right place. Grab a seat and go through this article, as we discuss the techniques that can help you catch the young users early and retain them for long. After all, only when you catch their attention early in life can you ensure your business stays flush with customers for the rest of your life.

    How Does Facebook Engagement Help?

    All businesses that have made it big on Facebook understand how important engagement is to social media marketing. If your posts generate curiosity, you can claim allegiance from the users. Establishing a regular connection with your users also helps in satisfying their cravings and helps to make them loyal.

    Facebook’s recent upgrades in news feed algorithm mean the more you engage your customers and motivate them to share or comment on your posts, the higher your chances will be to improve your business’s visibility score.

    The Top-5 Facebook Tactics You Must Follow to Attract Young Audience

    1. Let Your Videos Walk The Talk

    Let us start with a few facts that are sure to blow your mind. Every day, more than 4 billion videos are watched by more than 500 million viewers on Facebook. Not only this, in 2018, Facebook alone captured more than 24% of the total spending on video ads in the US. As a fact, video posts receive two times more likes, shares, and comments than other formats.

    Going by the statistics, it is easy to assume that if you are willing to make it big, videos must compose the largest part of your platter. But, it is easier said than done. As Facebook is filled with businesses of all shapes and sizes, every business is trying to grab a larger share of the pie, and to live up to the challenge requires expert knowledge of video making and ad positioning.

    Thankfully, promo video maker software free download can sort out your task easily. Within five minutes, you can create a promo video that captures the viewers’ fancy quickly. All you need is log-in, browse readymade templates, add winning tracks, classy images, and exciting videos, and publish it.   

    2. Catch The People Who Matter at the Right Moment

    Gone are the days when uploading content was an any-time exercise. As Facebook is becoming more technologically advanced by the day, now you can easily find when most of your targeted customers remain online. Almost all big brands prefer publishing adverts when most of their followers are available online.

    To find out the best time, you should click on ‘Page Insights’ and trace your users’ journey. As the data related to the best time is highly brand and demography specific, finding out the best time that works for your business requires frequent fact-checking. A more exciting thing would be to post on peak times as well as non-peak times to see which suits you more.

    3. When You Have Facebook in Mind, Create for Facebook

    Except for Twitter, almost all major social media websites are ruled by video content. However, every website has its own format and rules that you need to follow while uploading videos. The one size fits all policy hardly works with social media marketing.

    As the average attention span of a young Facebook user is not more than 8 seconds, if you want to create an impact with your video, you have to drive home your point extremely fast. The factors that play a major role in retaining your viewers are the video ad title, brand theme, call to action, and compatibility.    

    Use the Facebook ad templates infograph to create stunning ads that will not only persuade the young viewers to click on your video but keep coming back for more. Remember, the first three seconds of your video are the most important, as it makes or breaks the reputation of your brand. Check a few awesome templates, customize the one that suits you, add effects, preview, and publish it.

    4. Post Live Videos to Catch Viewers in Real-Time

    Live videos are all the rage, as they capture moments that are less fabricated and more spontaneous. It also gives you a good opportunity to get real-time feedback from a young audience. Facebook data reveals that against every comment on a regular video, a live video receives ten comments. 

    Facebook’s algorithm promotes a live video more than normal video or image posts. If you have made up your mind to go live, choose a topic that instantly resonates with the audience. For example, ‘behind the scene’ incidents, Q&A session, trivia, breaking news, and weekly snippets can be a few time-tested issues for your upcoming live video.

    5. Understand What Top Brands are Doing Right and Follow Them 

    Sometimes, to be the best, you have to observe what is working and get inspired. Prepare a list of the top brands that cater to a young populace. See what they are doing best and how they are doing it.

    Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’ can be the place to be if you want to know your peers. Once you discover the secrets of success, be quick to change or modify your content to suit the needs of your young viewers.


    To extract the maximum benefits out of Facebook, you should be adaptive to change. You should be nimble enough to change your strategy as what works today might not work tomorrow.


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