How to Wear Eye Lens for the First Time?

Everyone who decides to wear contact lenses feels a little apprehensive at first about learning how to wear them. Since they sit close to the eyes, you are unsure if you’ll be able to put them correctly or not. That is why you should get some idea about how to wear them beforehand. Also, sometimes it may take time for your eyes to adjust to them, so it’s best to stay patient till you eventually get comfortable wearing them. In order to find the best daily contact lenses UK into Fitting we looked at the technical specifications – the water content, availability of a UV block, oxygen transmission, wetting properties and material. On the prescription side, we looked at the powers that are available and overall size, and fitting characteristics.

To help you feel confident of wearing lenses for the first time, here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to wear as well as remove lenses:

How to Wear Lenses for the First Time?

Follow these simple steps to put the contacts in your eyes:

How to Wear Eye Lens for the First Time?
How to Wear Eye Lens for the First Time?

⦁ It will be wise to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you put lenses in your eyes. It decreases the chance of eye-infections.

⦁ Make use of a towel or tissue to dry your hands. It will ensure that particles do not end up floating on the lens.

⦁ Next, remove one of the lenses from the storage case and carefully slide it in your palm. Ensure to use your fingertips instead of nails to handle the ⦁ eye lens

Suggestion:You should make it a habit right at the start to always put either the right or left lens first, so that you avoid mixing the eye lenses, which might be having different powers.

⦁ Then, it would be best if you rinse the lens with lens-solution. In case you drop it, clean it again before you put it in your eye.

⦁ Use your index or middle finger to pick the lens and hold it on the fingertip. Ensure to check for torn or damaged lens.

⦁ Now, make sure that the eye lens is right-side out. If the lens forms a bowl with turned-up edges, it is ready to be worn. You should reverse the lens if its edges turn out.

⦁ Use your thumb and finger of the other hand to open your upper and lower eyelid.

⦁ Slowly, put the lens in your eye. Look at the ceiling or the wall while inserting the eye lens.

⦁ Shut your eye and roll them in a full circle to let the lens settle properly. After that,open your eye and blink a few times. Ensure that the lens is in the centre of ⦁ your eye.

⦁ If the lens is placed correctly, your eye will feel comfortable, and your vision will be clear.Otherwise, your image will be blurry, and you will have to reinsert the lens.

⦁ Similarly, follow the process for the other eye.

How ToTake Out The Lenses?

Here are a few steps to follow while taking out lenses from your eyes:

⦁ As done before, while putting in the contact lens, wash and dry your hands before handling the lens.

⦁ Flip over the lens case and remove the left-over lens solution. Further, dry the storage case with a clean cloth.

⦁ Then, look into a mirror and pull down your lower eyelid.

⦁ Slowly and steadily slide the lens to the white of your eye with the index finger.

⦁ Now, gently pinch the lens with pads of your index finger and thumb to remove it from the eye.

⦁ Repeat the process for the other eye.

⦁ Lastly, put the lenses back in the storage case and immerse them in the lens solution.

How to Take Care of Eye Lenses?

How to Wear Eye Lens for the First Time?
How to Wear Eye Lens for the First Time?

With proper care, you can maintain eye health as well as prolong the life of the contact lenses.
The following steps will prove helpful while caring for your lenses:

⦁ Clean your contact lens storage case once a week in warm soapy water.Then, rinse it thoroughly and wipe it dry with a clean tissue.

⦁ Replace the lens storage case every three months or as recommended by your optician.

⦁ Put rewetting drops in your eyes to prevent them and the lenses from drying out. This process should be carried out only on the recommendation of an eye care professional.

⦁ Replace the lens solution every month to avoid eye-health complications.

⦁ Keep short fingernails to prevent damage to the contact lenses while putting in or taking out.

⦁ Avoid soaking or rinsing the lenses with tap water. It might lead to an eye infection. Use only sterile saline solution for cleaning the contact lenses.

Eye Lenses: Easy to Wear and Efficient for Use

After you learn how to wear contact lenses properly, you will find them as an efficient alternative to eyeglasses.As choosing the ideal eye lenses can be a task, you can purchase lenses from reliable companies like Titan Eye plus that provide contact lenses from some of the best brands in the category. Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly- they offer various types of contact lenses.
Now, wear contact lenses with ease and as per your convenience and suitability.

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