Explore Photo Printing: A Complete Guide


    Photo printing is evolving each day because of its popularity and demand. The photo prints are used for various purposes and look impressive both as decor and gifting options. 

    You may love photo printing and want to know the process and essential elements leading to a beautiful portrayal of memories.

    Let’s learn the basics of photo printing and the necessary conditions for the best photo printing. You can benefit from it as someone willing to introduce photo printing elements at home, also for the ones who want to try their hands on the art. So let’s have a look.

    Why Print Your Photos?

    You may have thousands of photos in your SSD and HDD, but the chances of viewing them are low. This is because the memories stored get lost in data. So, sorting out your photos and picking some valuable images to print them on different mediums is a great idea.

    Whether it’s for decorating your house or gifting someone, the display of the photo looks very warm and welcoming. In addition, the process is so easy, and the outcome is magnificent.

    Guide to Different Printing Materials

    There are so many materials on which you can print the photo through different technologies. Let’s have a look at some popular ones.

    Canvas Prints


    Canvas is a textured material that is used for oil paintings and presenting other styles of paintings. The canvas has a very traditional texture making it perfect for printing the image. 

    Then, it is coated with protective film, UV scratch-resistant, wrapped around a frame, and gorgeous custom photo prints are produced.

    The advantage is that as soon as the canvas is wrapped around the frame, it is ready. In addition, it is very affordable, durable, and comes with a ready to hang sawtooth hanger.

     It has no glare and gloss, making it perfect for home interiors. Moreover, you can print any image on various canvas-like multipanel, split, panorama, hexagon, framed, and much more.

    Acrylic Prints

    In acrylic painting, the image is printed over plexiglass, also known as acrylic. The printing is achieved in two ways:

    • First, your photo is directly printed on the acrylic.
    • Second, the picture is first printed on paper, and then acrylic is placed on it.

    They are a bit pricey and are ready to hang. However, they look good in modern and sleek interiors and have glare.

    Metal Prints

    As the name suggests, the image is directly printed on the metal sheets. As a result, it is costlier than canvas but less than acrylic prints. 

    The colors produced are very vibrant and remain intact for a very long time. Moreover, they can withstand extreme conditions like high humidity and stay lustrous and sleek always. 

    Paper Prints


    Paper is the most common printing medium; the image is printed on a superior quality paper for durability. Therefore, the process is quite essential. 

    You just have to sort out the photos, crop, retouch and edit them before printing them on paper. Then, according to the need, you can frame it in different styles or leave it for a more organic display.

    Matte VS Gloss

    The matte finish of printing paper is textured and displays actual colors. The material is durable and glare-free and looks very premium.

    The glossy finish has a shiny layer over the paper. The colors look very vibrant and shiny. But, the downside is you can see scratches and glare on it. Bothe the material has pros and cons, making it an individual choice.

    Preparing the Photos to Print

    • Sort out and save all the photos in different folders and create subfolders for different styles of printing.
    • Choose the photos with at least 300 DPI for the more crisp and clear printing result.
    • Crop the image according to the aspect ratio of the desired size. You can achieve all the editing help from handy softwares like Adobe Photoshop.
    • Download color calibration apps for the perfect calibration of the monitor. It produces exact colors and lets you make the changes wisely.
    • Although you can print and opt for some suitable inkjet printers after editing, giving the photos to professionals is also a good idea. The proper editing and software with the latest gadgets make successful printing.

    Let’s Wrap up

    Photo printing is a product of sweet memories, sorting, and technology. The gadgets are improving every day, resulting in quality printing. The printable mediums are also changing, making it a flexible art.

    So, before buying for your favorite photo print, go through general terminologies to learn a primary understanding of the art. 

    The tech is making it easy with excellent softwares to print effortlessly for flawless results. Then, decorate your home and give unique and fresh photo prints to create a lifetime memory.


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