Everything You Need to Know About Bratt Pans for Commercial Kitchens


    Many people are unfamiliar with this industrial kitchen device, so what exactly is a Bratt Pan? It is an industrial and commercial catering kitchen gadget used to prepare a considerable quantity of food in one go – either for direct consumption or for producing batches of a specific dish for later consumption.

    A Bratt Pan is a versatile cooking tool that is a must-have in every kitchen. Aside from oven food preparation, they encompass all cooking techniques such as

    • Stir-frying
    • Shallow and deep-frying
    • Boiling
    • Steaming
    • Poaching
    • Griddling
    • Trivet cooking
    • Simmering
    • Pot Roasting
    • Braise
    • Stewing

    This essay will explain what this necessary equipment is all about.

    What Exactly Is a Bratt Pan?

    A Bratt Pan is a heavy-duty industrial cooking gadget that can do practically all culinary duties, if not all. Bratt Pans are often used in large-scale catering enterprises such as restaurants to produce enormous quantities of meals. They are seldom if ever, utilized for household purposes due to their size.

    Who Makes Use of Bratt Pans?

    Generally speaking, Bratt pans are used in all types of commercial kitchens. They can be found in everything from pie factories to restaurants to preserve manufacturers to bakeries to schools to butchers to hospitals to delis to farm shops to staff cafeterias to ready meal preparation facilities. They are instrumental in high-volume kitchens like conference venues and restaurants.

    A Bratt Pan is a pan used to prepare vast quantities of food at the same time. Bratt pans are on par with combi ovens in terms of productivity, and they provide a good return on investment considering their wide range of applications. Regardless of its general cooking advantages, every kitchen should have a Bratt pan. They free up cooking space on the stovetop and, in many cases, eliminate the necessity for fryers and other equipment all at once.

    Bratt Pan Care and Cleaning Instructions

    Bratt pans are developed to save you time in the kitchen. As a result, cleaning is straightforward as compared to similar-sized equipment. Given that all of the cooking takes place in a single large pan, users can simply tilt the pan with either a hand crank or an electric motor, depending on the version they choose.

    Because Bratt pans often feature a prominent spout, any leftover food may be readily removed and disposed of before cleaning. Any cleaning residue may be easily removed in preparation for the next maintenance or cleaning.

    Operating Safety Precautions

    • Adjust the regulator to the temperature that is advised for the food that is being cooked.
    • Users should turn off the Bratt Pan after cooking in it.
    • Be on the lookout for latent heat. This equipment will maintain its heat for an extended period.
    • When not in use, close the lid.
    • Before beginning any cooking operation, double-check that all connections and settings are correct.
    • The workspace should be clear of equipment and other obstructions, and it should be clean.
    • Before using any equipment, be sure that you have received proper guidance and training on operating it.

    Bottom Line

    Bratt pans are indeed an ideal commercial option for kitchens with a busy service. So, if you require a commercial cooking solution, you now know precisely what to purchase; if you don’t, at least you learned what the Bratt pan is!


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