Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing

With all the novelties created and kept being created for marketing, it might feel like email marketing is no longer that effective. As Chandler Bing used to say, “ You could not be more wrong…” Let’s talk numbers here. 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day last year. 81% of small businesses take advantage of email marketing as a major source for generating leads. 79% of B2B companies state that emails are by far the most fruitful channel for distributing the content. $42 for every dollar spent ( 4200% ROI – not bad, indeed). Email marketing has been around for quite a while and it keeps rocking in terms of remaining a powerful channel of promoting business. To make it work you should thoroughly follow the rules it plays by. 

Let’s start with a content

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing

Needless to say, it should be done in the finest traditions of content creation. The trick here is to know the readers ( prospects, leads,or clients already) and where exactly they are on their buying journey. Those in doubt of purchase might be getting a letter with a message  “buy now – no time to waste” and enhanced with quite persuasive examples of how the product might be the unique solution to the problem. A loyal clientele base will love to read about sales, updates, upcoming events, etc. Flavor it with decent visuals – images, infographics, videos, etc. – all are relevant to the topic. Think of professional editing tools that will provide you with decent templates, frames, background removal, animated designs, and other helpful features. Some appropriate humor will make sense too. No, boring overload, no matter how much you want to announce about everything. 

Develop marketing strategies

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing
Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Email Marketing

We have acknowledged that email marketing pertained to its efficacy, therefore customers are massively attacked with a gazillion number of letters. It poses a real danger of getting lost or simply crowded out. How to avoid that. Well, the simplest answer is to send the letter that the recipient will want to open and go through. Some ideas on how to achieve that.

  • Be certain about your audience. Apply analytics to know who you are targeting. What 

step of the marketing ladder they are on. Knowing that generates the content that will satisfy the awareness stage or consideration, or maybe you are writing to your regulars. Your message depends on the researched information directly. 

  • Ditch impersonality. Composing an email, write it as if you are just writing to a single 

person, not to the whole category of people. Address by the name, mention some specifics regarding their background, push the “pain” buttons that are particular to the recipient, and suggest solutions, be compassionate and super-friendly. Know your audience and how to nurture them.

  • Build an email list. You need to expand your subscriptions. Use smart lead magnets: 

a template, a webinar course, a flipbook, a discount – anything, that will promote interest and let them long for more. Make sure that the subscribers can get and consume it easily – first impression is vital. 

  • Segmentation. Segmenting your email list into categories assures more order and 

consistency while sending emails. This is critical since you need to avoid sending the wrong content to your audience and provoke them to unsubscribe.

  • Call to action. Setting up this button in your email, make sure it is noticeable and 

comprehensive in use.

  • Mobile-friendly content. According to Aedestra, 2019 60% of emails were opened 

from mobile gadgets.

Email marketing software

For better optimization of email sending workflow you have to adopt various software developed for you to avoid overwhelming with all the email related stuff to do. It can help you generate the emails in alignment with the requirements, it helps you monitor all the processes, sends when the time is right, and assists you in segmenting your audience. Implementing automation leads to much higher email open rates. 

Email marketing policies

When generating an email, first and foremost you have to think about the recipients and their rights. There are certain regulations developed that you have to follow in order to avoid being banned. Mind such abbreviations as CAN-SPAM ( protection from offensive content) and GDPR ( personal data protection). Also, aim at avoiding spam filters by presenting the recipient with credentials.


Entrepreneurs remain to be loyal to email marketing and prove that it retains its image of effective business promotion. Generating emails that will achieve their goals is a great craft and possible to acquire, following the recommendations technology and business-wise. Also, the human factor is important: Neil Patel compared emails to guests in the recipients’ inbox. Therefore, when generating emails you have to think about the benefits expected. Meanwhile, mind your readers’ feelings, respect their time, show that you care not only about things to be ordered but also about the person who might want to make that order. This, by the way, applies to all spheres, not only business.


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