Effects of Raising Age to Buy Vape to 21


There have been efforts in various places around the world to curb the number of young people taking up vaping. Although vaping is widely marketed as a healthier substitute for smoking, it tags along with its own set of health consequences. High blood pressure and certain heart conditions are among the conditions that have been linked to the effects of vaping. Raising the age of buying vape to 21 is one of the measures that are being put in place to reduce the number of young people who vape. The effects of this move are likely to be felt in various sectors, both economically and socially.

Keeping Vaping out of High Schools

Vaping is increasingly becoming popular among teens and the youth. This popularity is promoted by the notion that it is cool and trendy. A school setting encourages vaping as students are more likely to give in to peer pressure and engage in vaping. By raising the age to buy vape to 21, high school students will no longer be able to legally buy vape juice like Shijin Vapor and related products. The availability of vape will, as a result, be cut down significantly. This as a result aids in keeping vaping out of high schools.

Reduction in the Vaping Population

A sizeable percentage of vapers are youth between the ages of 18 and 22. Most of the manufacturers of vape products and retailers target this market. Young adults and adolescents are also more vulnerable to falling into nicotine addiction as their brains are still in active development and adopting new vices are quite easy for them. Raising the vape buying age to 21, therefore, delays the age when young people begin getting in contact with vaping. This, as a result, reduces their risks of getting hooked to vaping. Raising the age to 21 also reduces the vaping population in the current time by denying anyone below the legal vaping age access to vaping products.

Reduced Demand of Vape Products

As earlier mentioned, the youth constitute a large percentage of vapers. They provide a huge market for producers and retailers of vape products. The youth also tend to vape a lot more than adults hence needing more vaping products. This market is likely to be greatly affected by raising the vape buying age to 21. People under the age of 21 will no longer be legally allowed to buy vape products. The fall in this market is sure to affect the profitability of vape product producers.

Better Health for the Young Ones

Vaping is one of the few preventable causes of serious complications such as heart, lung and kidney diseases. The chemicals that are used in the flavors and the preservatives are often toxic and can result in certain illnesses. When young people begin vaping, they are exposed to the health risks that come along with the practice. Raising the legal vape buying age to 21 protects the young ones from these risks by cutting their access to vape. They will, therefore, enjoy better health for a long time before being able to access vape.


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