Creative Package Names Ideas


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As the competition is very high in every industry, so advertisement and marketing are required to promote the business. So, every business needs to put a hundred percent in selling your product. A businessman uses different strategies to promote themselves, and the sale of packages is one of them. This is one of the trending promotional strategies, create the packages and sell the brand name.

Infect consumer also love to have these kinds of subscriptions or packages, the reason behind buying this is you will get five to six products at the price of one or two products, delivered at your place. And these products are certified for better quality. people can get all type of packages available in the market. You have baby products, package for new moms, snacks package box, books package box, clothing package box, beauty products package box and everything that you can think to have.     

The curators of these packages select the best products, but uncommon and create the package for their consumer. Undoubtedly this is the best way to promote the brand name.  These packages are not only value for money to users but also helps small manufacturers to establish their brands in the market. This is the booming marketing strategy as well.

If you are all set to sale your own packages, and you prepare all the set up by investing your time and money. And everything is going good with your new venture, but the major problem you are facing is the name of the packages. People use these names as Creative membership level names, and Tiered package names as well.

So, you should check out the below list of package names ideas and grab your favourite names which suits you’re package in the best manner: –

Pico package Nano package
Micro PackageMega Package
YottaThe Lion
The Witch The Wardrobe
The horse Prince Caspian
Voyage of the DawntreaderThe silver chair
The last battleThe pebble
The stoneThe Boulder
The HillThe Mountain
The HimalayasThe Guppy
The Gold FishThe Blow Fish
The DolphinThe Great White
The WhaleThe Art House
The Second Run TheatreThe Second Generation
The alpha package The beta
The GammaThe delta
The epsilonThe Zeta

You can also use the coding pattern for your donation levels names: –

FQT PackagesFQXSS Packages
FQM PackagesFQS Packages
FQXL PackagesFQXXL Packages
FQXS PackagesFQXXL Packages

Even if you don’t like any of them and searching some fantastic and quirky package names ideas but related to something fun like mythology or mystery stories. Then you can try these names as the creative membership level names, tiered package names, sponsorship levels names.

The HobbitThe Dwarf
The NumenorianThe Elf
The BeorningThe ent
The Harry PotterThe Ron weasley
The Harmony The Goblin
The PixieThe Warewolf
The Wizarding worldThe Merperson
The Wizarding BoxThe fairy Box
The AcromantulaThe Mountain Troll


If still your hunger of names not fulfilled with above-mentioned names , then you can also use the following classic names for your donation levels names or for sponsorship level names.

The Golden The Sliver
The PlatinumThe deluxe
The premium The opal
The PearlThe Emerald
The RubyThe Sapphire
The DiamondThe Extra large
The LargeThe Medium
The SmallThe extra small


Some of these packages names ideas are classic, some of the are quirky, some of them gives you Goosebumps but all of them are unique. Select the name which represents your packages well enough, so that your client never mis-interpret it.   

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