There are some countries in the world wherein people are biased based on religion. While we know that most countries offer freedom of choosing religion by birth the fact is far from reality. 

Although we have seen in the last decade that some of these countries have resorted to some reforms but it seems that the people still face the harsh reality. It is just the two sides of a coin that seems to be so bright and good on one side but the other, there is a hidden dark reality.

Faith-based biasness and persecution of people continue to be a reality that is hidden from the outside world. 

Generally, the people who have to face the darker side of reality are the minority groups who are from a different religion. This happens to be one of our major problems that are yet to be fully solved. 

According to the US Commission of International Religious Freedom, some new countries have added to this hatred list. Despite all the political pressure from the global end the government seems to be putting in the reforms but that just on the pen and paper. The reality and the troubles of these people, the livelihood, and the concerns of equality and being able to raise voice against the government remain a major concern. 

On the other hand, many countries in the world have shown good progressive levels to steer ahead of such hatred feeling in the community by showing increasingly mutual peace in the common society.

Some advancement made in the last decades-

The American leaders and the members of the International Religious Freedom body have acknowledged the fact that countries such as Uzbekistan and Sudan have shown great heart to oppose vehemently against biasness to any particular religion and changed the mindset of the people so that different ethnic groups can live together in harmony. 

But unfortunately, there have been some new names that have added to the Index of Least freedom. Names such as India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Eritrea, Tajikistan are among the few to have shown up on the list for the very first time. 

What does it mean for our society? 

The effects of such activities done by the government agencies achieved through political propaganda are not good for the general long term benefit for the nation. 

Many economists, historians, and philanthropists believe that during times of crisis such as COVID 19 this can expedite to further levels. Commissioners believe that such pretentious acts of a forceful majority over the minority group can be the cause of major internal conflicts. 

And we don’t have to mention what happened in Syria during the summer of 2011 right? There was this war against the country’s people against its government. The incident that occurred in 2011 was a long term effect of such heinous acts by the government over the decades. This was the extreme effect where the entire country was going through a jolt of civil war and all types of systems from the political to the judicial and even the economic system in the country collapsed. We can only tremble in fear knowing about such events to happen in any country. 

Countries that have been long playing such dirty politics

There are so many names and these countries have been forcefully doing enacting laws and policies that discriminate against the cultural and religious freedom of the minority group. Some of the big names in this list include North Korea, China, Syria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Vietnam, and many more. 

These countries have forcefully adopted policies and strict regimes in the countries in which earning the right to citizenship mean to adapt to a particular religion. 

If protested, the government will simply put you into such pressure with the help of media that you will feel like fleeing the country. 

Take for example North Korea. We all know what has been going on in the so-called democratic country for decades probably since the last century. If you ask the common people to share their views they are simply ignored because of a strict regime that restricts people to speak against the government and its religious policies. 

Another example would be the small minority Muslim population living in China called Uyghurs. These minority Muslim groups have been facing tough atrocities from the government for generations. It is best to say that the Uyghurs of China don’t have any type of political democracy and the right to live and sustain their religion and culture due to the influence of the government.   


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