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PUBG is an amazing breathtaking platform that has completely rotated the landscape of the gaming industry and has an extremely attractive interface to engage more and more users continuously over it. This is the most popular gaming platform of the mobile gaming industry which has been downloaded 100 million times on the play store.

Here you need to show yourself as a standard level competitor to your rival teams so for that you must require an attention seeker or mouth-watering Clan tags to gain the attention of your rival teams in order to make you stand apart from the crowd as a strong player.

If you are here then you must be a good player of this multiplayer game and aware of how important and difficult it is to select perfect and smart Clan tags that sound strong, cool, and unique. So here in this article, you will get an amazing collection of cool PUBG Names & Clan Names to make you unique on this gaming platform. The first thing your opponent sees is your name so remember the first impression is the last impression.

Why is PUBG so popular?

PUBG plays different roles in different lives, for some, it is a good friend while for another it is the coolest stress buster. This game can be seen with any age group whether it be the old person or a young one and this is why only the government has implemented restrictions on the usage of this game for 18 years of age and above it.

 It is a beautifully framed team game with an amazing interface and available with a voice chat option to make the game for a team more interesting. The most enjoyable feature is that this game is settled with rivers, houses, trees, and mountains where different types of equipment and enemies are hidden to either help the players or to make them out of the game.

It is becoming more popular with the great number of youtube channels that upload a huge amount of videos like the channel by Carry Minati who made this game more popular by reaching out to more people. It also launches various tournaments which gives a great platform to games to showcase their skills and then this game gets multiple sponsors so it will help PUBG to reach a better standard.

PUBG Cool Names for Pro Players

PUBG allows people to set their Names unique and perfect to make them apart from the other PUBG players because this game attracts millions of users worldwide so your name should be the best one to beat them by your name first and then by game.

When you have a better Clan name then you have a unique identity over a battleground and it is very important for a good game with talented players. At the start when you link your Facebook account with the PUBG platform then automatically your Facebook name comes up at the username position but it allows you to rename to make your Clan name unique. 

You can change your Clan name by clicking on the inventory option and then select the rename card option to make yourself apart from the other players. Here we will provide you with an amazing collection of boys and girls Clan Names to select the Names according to your choice and put it there to get the coolest name. We have a wide variety of dangerous Names as well as the prettiest Names to choose among them to make the first image in your enemy’s mind.

Cool Names for PUBG

  1. Silent sprayers
  2. Dark deadeyes
  3. Blind assassins
  4. The oblivion
  5. Lord of the Clans
  6. Demolition demons
  7. Snipers Clan
  8. Clash of warriors
  9. Elenchus
  10. Hornswoggle
  11. Terrific tornado
  12. Backstabber
  13. Mortified coercion
  14. Night magnet
  15. Dead shot
  16. Demonic criminals

PUBG Clan Names for male player

  1. Death storm
  2. Head hunter
  3. Deadpool
  4. Black storm
  5. Devil
  6. Venom
  7. Dagger
  8. Knight rider
  9. Tango boss
  10. Green ghost
  11. Abnormal vigor
  12. Metal star
  13. Thunder Beast
  14. Captain jack sparrow
  15. Psychedelic serviceman

PUBG Clan Names for female players

  1. Sweet monsters
  2. Black hats
  3. Sparky diva
  4. Charming chicks
  5. Ladylove
  6. Wonder women
  7. Sugar devils
  8. Fembots
  9. Sassy unicorns
  10. Shadow star
  11. Panda heart
  12. Broken paws
  13. Cool whip
  14. Wildcat nightmare
  15. Titanium ladybug


In this article, we have provided a multiple varieties of cool PUBG Clan Names which are enough to make your enemy feel fear to face you and consider you a strong player. There are a huge number of different category Names to make up your mind to grab yours faster than any other so make a good selection to build your impression.

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