25+ Amazing Color Run Team Names | Running Team Names

25+ Amazing Color Run Team Names | Running Team Names
25+ Amazing Color Run Team Names | Running Team Names

Every participation requires some kind of fun and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for something better, for something good. The color/color run is one run event that started in 2011 and was known as “The happiest 5k on the planet”. This event involved runners from all across the globe running together to promote happiness and health. This program increased its popularity as a result of the number of events taking place from year to year.

25+ Amazing Color Run Team Names | Running Team Names
25+ Amazing Color Run Team Names | Running Team Names

In order to represent your team in the color run, it becomes necessary to select names for your team to get them printed on your runt-shorts. So in order to make it easy for you to select we have complied with a list of funny names and also ideas to select. So now you just need to check the, out, pick one and thus name your company to outshine yourself among-st all.

Color Run Team Names

Standing out with your team to compete with others and thus in confusion as to hoe yo showcase your best with your name. Do not worry, I hereby set up a long list for you to select the best color/Colour run name team name-

Color Fusion.Rangeela !!Ink MeBlue Past You
Color Me Krazy.Not Fast, Just FuriousFluorescent RunnersOverly Saturated
Cray Cray Crayola.Rainbow FartsRainbow RacersBlue Girl Group
Bad Dye Job.Color FusionRainbow DashersA Hue Good Men
Dye Me a River.Rainbow ChasersAlways BrightTeam Skittles
Fluorescent Runners.The PicassoRainbow RocketsPalette Pushers
Chase the Rainbow.Full SpectrumDo or DyeBlank Canvas
Color Us Fabulous.GlowbustersDye RunningToo Legit to Dye
Rainbow RocketsThe Red RocketsChameleonsStay Between the Lines
Pink LadiesRang dei !!Color EnvyRunning Outside The Lines

Color Run Team Name Ideas

Ideas are what we serve you and pleasure is what you receive. Among all the names listed in the above category, this category will give you more delight as we bring you new innovative ideas to explore your team name.

Fluffy UnicornRun For FunSour Patch KidsColor Vixens
Painted PixiesTeam SpanksA Hue of Good MenColor Me Bad
50 Shades of ColorRainbow RunnersPigmentation PartyThe CMYKs
Rave You to the FinishRockstar SpankersTaste the RainbowHue Are You
Powder to the PeopleA Running Canvas50 Shades of AwesomeShred the Rainbow
A Running CanvasDyed on the RunFree RunnersDyed Divas
Dye HardPleasantly PlumpRainbow ConnectionMessy Madams
SplatterPurple RainThe PicassoGoldilocks
Glow GirlsRaangelaRainbow DashersCMYK
Blue Man GroupBlue Past YouChafe the DreamGet Fit or Dye Tryin’

Funny Color Run Team Names

It is always advisable to select something that is not only cute but also funny. Everyone tends to select something that is unique and thus forgets the feature of something being funny. And so to make you remind of funniness we present you a long list of funny color run team names-

Color me SweatyPearly BrightsFruity PebblesColor me Sweaty
The Messy MadamsThese Colors Don’t Run. Oh wait…Rainbow RunnersThe Messy Madams
Pink KnickersTeam CMYKKaleidoscope KickersPink Knickers
Color Me BadA$$Dye Dye BirdieColor FusionColor Me BadA$$
Spunky GirlsColor Me DirtyPaint the CloudsSpunky Girls
Razzle DazzleTwisted ColorsColor Me KrazyRazzle Dazzle
Color VixensRun or Dye TryingDye Dye BirdieColor Vixens
Taste the SkittlesPaint the CloudsColor VixensTaste the Skittles
Chicks with KicksColor Us MotivatedCray Cray CrayolaChicks with Kicks
Shady LadiesCrazy TintsTwisted Colors Shady ladies

Color Run Team Name Puns

Puns represent smartness, coolness, and so there are some color run team pun names for you to select from them-

1. 50 shades of color11. Crazy tints21. Glowbusters31. Pigmentation party
2. A running canvas12. Dancing dollies22. Goldilocks32. Pink ponnies
3. Blizzard blues13. Dyed divas23. Hue-ten nannies33. Purple color pallete
4. Blue girl group14. Filthy greens24. Ink me34. Purple lain
5. Chase the rainbow15. Fluffy unicorn25. Jazzberry Jam35. Rainbow dashers
6. Color fusion16. Free runners26. Neon nuts36. Rainbow rockets
7. Color me Crazy17. Fruity pebbles27. Not fast, just furious37. Run for run
8. Color me dirty18. Full spectrum28. Paint the clouds38. Running outside the lines
9. Color us fabulous19. Full spectrum29. Painted pixies39. Shady ladies
10. Cray cray crayola20. Glow girls30. Pallete pushers40. Shred the rainbow

After getting a long list of fascinating color run team names I hope we have served you a great deal of satisfaction and thus would have removed complexities of getting confused to invest a new name.

Perfect color Run Group Names

You definitely want a perfect name for your colour run team name. Since it promotes health and joy, the name must reflect these parameters. Here we have a list of team names for runners that perfectly suit the occasion. 

River handJoyloveBubblesFit the freakCamouflagers
MuscularCrazy tintsGummy colorsEdge runSilkroute
BonecrackersScrapyardPanda gridLeapordsHealthybodies

Cool color Team Names

Colours spread happiness, so why not give your team names of the colour? Each colour has a significance and that significance will reflect in your team name also. Win the race and see your name at the top of the list.

Blue starsFloating bubblesSunny moonOrange bananaPinkish ladies
MagnificentOrange creamsicleSugar socksBlue berriesWhite owls
WhackyFluffy pinkYellowish applesWhite sunGreen minds

Awesome Run Names

Whether it is a color run team or a group activity team, these names can be used to represent you and your teammates.

CrayonsStar runnersHymn for the dayVision flashYoungblood
Wings upStrong hulkLatest fitFlashlightViral scene
Water manMighty birdsAmberFetishTopside


So here we compiled a list of best-running team names for you. At the end of the game, the only memory you will have is the best and colorful name on your t-shirts. Give a thought on these unique and amazing Color Run team names and stand out from the rest. Your name will be your identity throughout the entire event. Justify your win with the most awesome name for your color run team. 

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