College or University, which is better?

College or University, which is better?
College or University, which is better?

At one point in your life, it becomes terribly certain that you will have to rack your mind about all these college or university issues. Such thoughts don’t have to come immediately after high school. It could be some years before your high school or some years after high school. Whatever moment it comes it is a kind of burden that some of us carry in our minds.

But it always gets interesting whenever college or university becomes a battle of choice in your mind. You definitely want to know which one is the best choice to make.  You wouldn’t dare to challenge yourself as to which one suits you the best. Of course, most of us relish things that the world rank as the best. You aren’t fair enough to scan through yourself and see to what choice fit in with your kind of person. This is no surprise. This is what some of us do.

According to global data by Harvard and the Asian Development Bank, about 6.7 percent of the world population goes to college. Research has it that about 33 percent of the world population goes to universities. Yes, the margin is great. You are quite aware of the fact that the figures will go a long way, you can’t deny that. It is the norm. You want to be objective. You simply want to choose the university or college thing based on what a reasonable man would do. You adopt the reasonable man test by relying on figures. Everyone goes to the university more, so you should consider doing that too.

 The basis of your consideration in the above paragraph is smart because everyone has the right to make their choices but that is not the point here. The point is that it is best not to set your choice of a higher institution on the basis of global figures. Sometimes, it is best to be subjective. You get to see this choice of college or university issues as the center of your own little world and maybe your members of the family too.   You get to stock your head with perplexing questions. Do I have the academic capacity to cope in a college or university?

What is your financial strength? If you have to weigh your financial strength, then global figures will really work out. You cannot ignore the strength that lies in a global figure here. Financial issues are objectivity at its core. This is because according to the National Centre for Education Statistics, 58 percent of college students finish their degrees within six years but only 40 percent of college students graduate within four years. And the questions go on like that. What do I really want? Do they offer what I really want? What is my health status?   Definitely, these questions will inform you about the strength and weaknesses of both college and university. You are bound to attend to those questions and the result is that you tend to figure out clear answers as to which one of university or college is considered the best in your own stead.

Pros of training in the University

  • Affordable cost of tuition fees for some universities
  • Easy online access to paid University Essay papers.
  • Graduation rate is almost affordable
  • Greater exposure to technology and new research
  • Increased scholarship opportunities
  • Increased exposure to critical reflection
  • Increased exposure to a wide variety of cultural and social background
  • Effective networking. Research has it that 70% to 80% of opportunities especially jobs are not made public. You practically need to know the right people to secure perfect opportunities for yourself.
  • Increased exposure to extracurricular activities  
  • Better chances of getting a job
  • There are no substitutes to university education  
  • It is beneficial for all careers.
  • Increased exposure to transferable skills

Cons of training in the University

  • Limited practical experience
  • Exorbitant student loans. Recent research by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has it that the average debt on graduation is over £50,000.  

Pros of training in the college

  • Easy online access to paid college essay papers. Therefore, most college students buy essays for college assignment.
  • Unlimited practical experience, for instance, Harvard Business college exposes its students to case study methods to sharpen their practical skills.
  • Lower chances of getting a job
  • Increased exposure to networking opportunities
  • Greater exposure to social activities.
  • Unlimited exposure to internship opportunities
  • Effective specialization in your course of interest

Cons of training in the college

  • The exorbitant cost of school fees  
  • Graduation rate is not affordable
  • Time-consuming
  • There are better substitutes for college education
  • It is not beneficial for all careers.   
  • Potential student loan debts. Research has it that the average cost of attendance for an in-state public college from 2017 to 2018 is $9,970 while the cost of attendance for a private college is about $34,740. According to students, 65% of students graduating from public and nonprofit colleges in 2017 had student loan debt. The research further states that about 70% of college students are forced to pay student loans.

Final thoughts

If you are still unsure of how to snap yourself out of the college or university education dilemma, it is no surprise. Sure, it happens to most of us. Many are still caught up in the same situation and many have been drowned by the same thing in the past too. But whatever the case may be, this kind of people have always try to come out of it. This is because the lingering question of which one is better between a university or college is quite personal than general.

It is more subjective than objective. It is not something that anyone or society should decide for you. Of course, it is a kind of dilemma that should be resolved on the basis of your own financial strength, mental strength, and academic strength. Therefore, engaging yourself in timeless debate as to which one is better so that you can have a hitch-free post-high school education is just like a waste of your valuable time. The bottom line is to look out for the one that suits as a person not necessarily because it suits other persons.  


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