Chili Cook off Team Names


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A cook-off is a cooking competition wherein similar dish is prepared with different recipes by the several competitors. The dishes prepared are then judged by the group of judges or the public. Chili Cook-off is a social event which is very similar to barbecue, in which the competitors prepare a dish using the most important ingredient of this challenge i.e. chili. The prepared dishes are then submitted for taste testing.

Are you planning to be a part of this competition with your team this year? Have you thought about your team’s name? Well if not, then this article is all about that. Being a leader of your team or just a teammate it’s your duty to take participation in the selection of your team’s name. Let’s move on to creative naming ideas that we have for your team.

CREATIVE CHILI COOK-OFF TEAM NAMES: Naming is a very important factor that one needs to consider whether it’s about an individual’s business or a team. It sounds very simple to name your team but it actually can be challenging. We have come up with totally amazing and creative naming ideas for your chili cook-off team. Consider the names below while selecting your team’s name.


Burn Baby Burn


Hot Meat and Cool Beans


Death by Chili


Red Hot Chili Preppers



Hurts so good


Fu King Chili


Hungry Heart Attack


Where’s The Water?


Staplehouse Chili


The Great White Heat


Bowls Of Steel




Chili of Doom


Drunken Turkey Chili


Flavor Country


Mean Mama Chili


No Mercy Chili


Romeo Red



The New Hotness


Racy Hot Pot


Volcanic Chili


Doomsday Chili


Gator Chili


Dark Matter


Ring Of Fire


Spice It Up


Texas Jailhouse Chili


To Bean or not to Bean?


Thundergun Express


The Chilidawgs


Tailgate Chili


Loose Cannon Chili


Not So Chili


Where’s the Beef?


Buddha’s Revenge


Grateful Red


Climax Chili




Contagious White Chicken Chili


Greatest American Chili


Runs To The Finish


Bonfire Chili


Thunderpants Chili


Bachelor Beer Chili


FUNNIEST CHILI COOK-OFF TEAM NAMES: A chili cook-off competition is really hard to judge sometimes. Choose a funny name for your chili cook-off team so as to keep the heat of chili apart from your competition. If you are not able to select the right name for your team, then don’t worry as we have already compiled a list of funny chili cook-off team names for you. Scroll down to check them out.


Chili Chili Bang Bang


Cumin Get It


Beans & Jeans


Mad Thunder In Your Pants


Notorious P.I.G


No Bull, No Buffalo


Badass Brisket chili


Competition Spankin’ chili



Mad Dog Chili


Wet Hot American Chili


Go Fresh and Go Green


Big Top Yankee Chili


Big Beer Chili


Gonna Make That Baby


You Had Me at Meat Tornado


Chili Willies Chili


Knock-out chili


In Your Shorts


E-Bowl-A Chili


Uncle Chuckles Chili


Beach Bum Chili


Danger Zone


Tangy Tango Chili


Spice Miners


Death by Dysentery


Machine Shop Chili


Carma-Dillo Chili


Can’t beat My Meat


Hell Hath No Fury


Hunks of burnin’ Love


Happy Ending Sauce


Sweet Tater


Fiery Passion


Unicorn’s Last Super


Say your Prayers


Holy Nun Sauce


BEST CHILI COOK-OFF NAMES: Looking up for some chili cook-off names for the contest? Our list of Chili cook-off team names doesn’t end here. If you are not satisfied with the above names, then we have some more options for you. Go through each of them to select an apt name for your chili cook-off team.


Stew Live Crew


Chili Mosaic


Feral Cat Chili


Blue Liver Chili


Redskins Chili


Kraken Chili


Hillbilly Chili


Hunks Of Meat


Chili Phillip


Lady Chili


10 Second Chili


Front Porch BBQ


Remember the Titans Of Chili


Rocky Mountain high


Campfire Chili


Hungry Heat


Girl on fire Chili


Pappy’s Hot Stuff


Electric Chili


Wild West Chili


Probably the best chili and Stew


Better Half Chili


Metal Head Chili


Tongue Fantasy


Drawer Droppin Chili


Cripple Creek Chili


Glory Bee Chili


Butt Trumpet Chili


Lee & Her Hot Tamales


Eat Your Chili Tina


Flinging flapper Chili


Six Pack Chili




Mama’s softball Chili


Party Hard At Homegrown Chili


Dr. Chili Pepper


Slammer Chili and The Wild Punch


Smoker Club


Longshot Chili


Chili Pepper Fun


Lucky Klucky Chili


Rescue Remedy


Two Hands, One Glove


Fat Boys Chili


Hot as Molten


Chesty Chili


Can’t Complain Chili


Jeopardy Chili


Naming is the key that provides identity to your team as well as to your every teammate. It becomes very easy to recognize your team if you have selected a very unique and creative name for your team. So to stand out amongst all the teams you must have some amazing team name that is different from the rest of all. We hope that the names given in this article will provide you the relevant or apt name for your chili cook-off team.

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