Software. A Short History

Software. A Short History

From phones that weighed around 50kg and 150ft long computing machines to mobile phones below 150gr and smart-watches, the hardware side has developed a lot over time along with the software part that underpinned this development. From the sheets of sheets printed by these machines to the storage of them in a database that can … Read more

The best nicknames at Euro 2020

Euro 2020 is just around the corner and so we’ve decided to take a look at the teams who have already qualified to see who has the best nicknames. Of course not every team is included on the list. We’re looking at you Germany – the team, really? England – The Three Lions It has … Read more

What Are the 7 Chakras and How Do They Work?

As a Spiritual Advisor with over 10 years of experience, many of my clients, friends and even readers of my blog often ask me: what are the chakras, anyway? What do they do? What does it feel like when your chakras are blocked, or out of alignment? If you’ve ever heard about this whole “chakras” thing and … Read more


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