Student-Authored Study Notes and Essays: The New Normal in Education?


Gone are the days when the only sources of information that university and secondary school students can use were limited to the textbooks provided by their respective schools. Today’s digitally empowered educational sector gave rise to an assortment of creative resources for different subject matters. India is home to millions of young learners but secondary … Read more

How To Improve Skills In Essay Writing

How To Improve Skills In Essay Writing

Writing an excellent article is art. But it can be arduous and exhausting. It would help if you continued to improve your writing skills. Most organizations ask you to write an essay from time to time. Therefore, you cannot avoid trials. It is part of your learning process. If you want to get a high … Read more

Set The Right Expectations When Enrolling For A Summer School That Teaches English Literature


Anyone with an intellectual bent of mind would typically take an interest in literature. Stories are very powerful in teaching children the philosophies of life and make them curious to know more about the world, the people, and their ways as well as the core values of humanity and traditions of various cultures. Reading books … Read more

Searching for a preschool – What should parents look for?

Searching for a preschool – What should parents look for?

When it’s time to decide on your child’s education, most parents get tensed. It marks the starting point of a few smart decisions in life! Parents have to start right from the preschool stage. According to the latest studies and research, children who get good-quality preschool training perform better in life. They are more adaptive … Read more

55 Catchy Coaching Name Ideas

Coaching Name

55 Names for Coaching Classes Since years India has been known to be pioneering in education. Our level of education has always been the best in class amongst fellow countries. As Indians, we give a lot of importance and emphasis on education and ensuring that our basic education is in place. While the trend in … Read more


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