49+ Catchy Embroidery Business Names

The trend for handmade clothes is considerably increasing day by day instead of going out of fashion. People are nowadays purchasing embroidered items rather than printed stuff as an outcome of which the embroidery business is making more profits rather than the other businesses.

People are heading towards more of embroidered items because of their simplicity and elegance and vast designs. People who are running embroidered businesses are nicely dealing with money and also now they are finding ways to expand their business.

So if you are the one who has the trait of embroidery in your hands than you should think over an idea of opening up an embroidery business and if you have already thought of one than tart planning for it and open up your own embroidery business. Starting up a new business demands for a name and so you need to allot a particular name to your embroidery business. However naming your business is not as easy as it sound to be because it needs a clear processed thought. So here we provide you with certain tips as to how you can successfully select up name for your embroidery business-

49+ Catchy Embroidery Business Names
49+ Catchy Embroidery Business Names
  • THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBLE NAMES- Here you need to brainstorm certain names and have to think about the various possible names which you can keep for your business. To make it easy you can write the possible names at a single place those names may be of any kind of whatever criteria you just need to think about them and then finally you will rest over a name after all the names.
  • GO WITH A MEMORABLE NAME- Keep a name that sticks to the mind of your customers and they can then also inform or tell about it to the other people so that they can approach you when in need this will lead to the publicity of your embroidery business as well.
  • GOOGLE YOUR NAME- Before getting your name registered to make sure that you google it once because it happens many a time that the name which we are willing to keep is already taken by someone else. So search the web first that your name is not taken by any other embroidery business.

Embroidery Business Names

Some of the fancy and creative embroidery names are given below in the list you can select a name from there and can give it to your own new embroidery business-

Embroidery Library HandInk Angelthreads Embroidery General Inc
Kreative Embroidery Custom Mach Crafty Tells Eagle Ridge Embroidery
Embroidery Digitizing EmbroidMe Craftybella Stitches and Ink
Embroidery Masterz Master At Threads Fresh Embroidery Sew Simple
Alphonsa Embroidery The Blue Buttons The Teddy Designs June Bug Monograms
Embroidery Warehouse Naughty Knitters Stitch Rainbow Uniformacy LLC
Gem Embroidery Designs Embro Buddy  Embroidery Batik Southern Threadworks
Busy Bees Embroidery Infinite Threads Fanyc Embroidery Azalea Monograms & Designs
Bits of Thread Sewy Fox Chikan Embroidery Topstitch Embroidery
Superior Threads Twin Aces Embroider Embroidery Cuddley Rags To Stitches


Gold finger tailor Rockin Stitch Embroidery Stitch Master Embroidery ‘n Sew Much More
Cosmos alteration Az Embroidered Apparel AD Stitch Stitched In Stones
veleo Embroidery For All Reasons Monogrammit Blue Sky Threads
redstar All Aboard Embroidery Impressions In Thread Expressions Unlimited
crafton Phoenix Embroidered Polo And Shirt Thread & Ink Concepts In Thread
livia Perfect Stitch Embroidery Wizards Weave Embroidery Nice Threads LLC
cotton sun Home Town Threads American Stitch Factory American Stitch & Print Inc
craftygloe Master At Threads Monograms To Go iEMBROIDERY
goodink Mr Stitch Embroidery Sew What Embroidery Place
Burns Embroidery Eddie’s Quilting Bee Simple Threads Artlab

So these were certain catchy and creative names for embroidery business. Start your business and invite more and more customers to your shop and thus increase your position in the market slowly and gradually.


Embroidery work is a gift to anyone by god. It gives you the ability to take an ordinary piece of fabric and turn it into something very outstanding. You can create beautiful drapes, tablecloths, handkerchief and so much more. Before getting too, you need to choose an appropriate name for your business. Below, you will find some of the best embroidery shop name ideas for your business.

Top Stitchin   Bee Sweet Embroidery Service Stitched Impressions   Sew Neat
Magic Stitches The Final Touch   Sewn N Style Embroidery Custom Embroidery & Digitizing
All American Embroidery Stitch Works   Embroidery Factory   Needle Works Inc  
Out of This World Embroidery Wear Me Logowear Express Shirts Our Business Ltd.
Embroidery All Usa Superior Threads JB T-Shirt Printing Shirt Batter
Silver Threads Embroidery Peerless Embroidery J Harding and Co. Regal Originals Inc.
Master Stitch Embroidery Services Galaxy Embroidery Infini Tees Push Play Designs
Embroider Us Best Embroidery Co. Great Embroidery Promo Vision Inc.
Classic Monograms & More Pan Trading Co. GMS Embroidery Petro’s Embroidery
Custom Threads 24 Hour Master At Threads Galaxy Embroidery Peerless Embroidery Co.


Starting an embroidery business company is one of the best ideas to showcase your talent. Let’s have a look at some of the name ideas for your own designs. Scroll down for some embroidery company names.

All Premium Alpha House Crafts Crafton Crafty Bella
Crafty Glow Crafton Needle Alphonsa Crochet Craft Tree Needlework
Embroidery For You Alex’s reweaving All in One Printing Craft Tree
FlexThread Embroidery  GoodWave Embroidery Co. BestThread Embroidery Co. Free Embroidery Co.
Mayer Embroidery Co. SpellBind Embroidery  Angel Threads EmbroidMe
Packoshade Embroidery  Trufort Embroidery Co. Falcon Embroider Embroidery Place
SureShip Embroidery Co. Tricton Embroidery  Encoded Thread Eastern Embroidery
Alphamate MOssis Embroidery Co. RedswingEmbrodery CustomInk
ClaveMex Embroidery Co. Supereva WinPack Embroidery Co. Bull Shirts
Abellex Embroidery  TreboSmith Embroidery  PointAxis Embroidery Co. Best Impressions Company


If you are looking to start your own embroidery monogram business, you will need a name for your company first. And if you don’t have enough time and energy to brainstorming these names, we have got you a whole list of embroidery monogram business names. You can go through all the names and choose the one you like.

Golden Finger Embroidery Infinite Threads   Twin Aces Embroider   Craftystone Embroidery
Sewy Fox   Stitchora   Vital Threads   Thread house  
The handy Crafts   Angel Wings   Green Cotton Embroidery Silverleaf Embroidery  
NorthEdge Embroidery  Moviona Embroidery Co. SuperThread Embroidery Co. GoodZex
Midtown Embroidery Co. ThreadGram Embroidery  BindWell BindBrett Embroidery 
CrateEthics Xcell Embroidery Co. FinoFit Embroidery Co. henceThread
PakMake Embroidery Co. Strettbrett Morrex Embroidery Co. ReyGren Embroidery Co.
AironBond Embroidery  QuestGrid Embroidery Co. MightyScale CretoCret Embroidery 
RhinoCrate Boxmatch Embroidery Co. FirstTeam Embroidery  Develex Embroidery Co.
BrownScale CasaCrate NorthEagle SafeCrate 


Your embroidery boutique’s name is your first opportunity to create a strong brand and make a good first impression on your customer. We have got the suggestions below for making your naming process even simpler. Scroll down for some catchy embroidery boutique names.

Embroidery Wizard   Sew There Embroidery Sea Needles   Signature Stitches  
Hoop It Up Embroidery Alleague Embroidery Keeping You In Stitches A2Z Embroidery  
Embroidered Vision Life’s A Stitch Ultimate Designs Embroidery Embroidery Grand  
ThreadRock BehindBits Embroidery  Co. Supero Crate Urbanwave Embroidery 
Broxmen Embroidery Co. Pinkberry WhitoThread Embroidery  Neptune Embroidery Co.
Cassawex Shefine Embroidery  Primest Embroidery Co. GreenGlade
HobbyGlide GreenFeather   Corona Embroidery Co.
Exottica Embroidery  Co. Curl up Embroidery  Co. FrontCrate Epilox Embroidery 
ArtsySpace StarFlips FusionCraft Embroidery Co. SupraMax Embroidery Co.
MoonMist Embroidery  SheAcres Embroidery  Co. Newon Embroidery Co. DreamTrim


These are some of the best embroidery business name ideas. Just remember that you shouldn’t stop here. While you can use these names, you should also build on them to make them even more unique. If you do not, you may end up using a name that has already been taken by some other company. Therefore, come up with a name on your own and it’ll surely pay off.

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