Castle Names You Need to Know for Your Next Fictional World Project

As a lover of history, I recently visited a few castles and was fascinated by the names given to them. While walking through the beautiful halls and corridors, I couldn’t help but imagine how the names were chosen. I suggested to my friend that we come up with our own castle names.

After some thought and discussion, we came up with some interesting names that sounded both regal and intimidating. “Ironclad Fortress”, “Shadow Keep”, and “Dragon’s Roost” were some of the names that made our list.

It was a fun exercise in unleashing our creativity and imagination. I couldn’t wait to visit more castles and ponder over the stories behind their names.

Cool Names For Forts

Castle Names

As a kid, I loved building forts with my friends. But what made our forts truly special were the cool names we gave them. We had everything from “Fortress of Solitude” to “Dragon’s Den” to “Pirate’s Cove.” It was always a fun challenge to come up with a name that fit the theme of our fort.

Looking back, those forts may have been simple, but the memories we made in them will last a lifetime.

Santhope PalaceCarderby KeepBlackdown KeepDraydon Hold
Talsworth CitadelDewbury KeepBurmstone CitadelLangen Keep
Direwood FortressYeanworth FortressMidford CitadelBangleswade Castle
Wishborne HoldCloveshire CastleArlcliff CitadelWenchcombe Keep

Fantasy Castle Names

As I approached the towering gates of the majestic castle, I couldn’t help but wonder what secrets lay within its walls. The name etched above the entrance read “Dragonfire Keep,” and my heart skipped a beat. Inside, I was greeted by a sprawling courtyard and a winding staircase that led to the throne room.

As I gazed in awe at the glittering chandeliers and ornate tapestries, I couldn’t help but think that this was the stuff of fairy tales.

The fantasy castle names that echoed in my mind only added to the magic of the place.

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Warsle CastleArltington FortressBreuce FortressPalsbury Castle
Termarth CitadelMaelony FortSevenberg HoldTornbury Palace
Breuce CastleGoulrich CastleWindshire PalaceBaerston Keep
Enrilth FortressBaston CitadelCarcoswald HoldDraydon Fortress

Medieval Castle Names

As a history enthusiast, I spent my days researching and exploring medieval castles. I dreamed of owning one someday, and finally, that day had come. I needed the perfect name for my castle. “Fortress of the Kings,” “Dragon’s Keep,” “Castle of the Moors,” and “Knight’s Watch” all crossed my mind. But none of them seemed quite right.

Then, as I gazed out at the rolling hills, it came to me: “Hilltop Haven.”

Scatterby PalaceCladborough KeepWindshire HoldLorton Hold
Fowlsfield KeepClifton CitadelCainfield KeepHaeresceugh Fortress
Cardell HoldDroskyn PalaceGaladhor HoldBernstaple Palace
Boltangate FortAppley StrongholdPlympford CastleDraydon Castle

Castle Names Generator

Castle Names

I was designing a medieval-themed video game and needed a castle names generator. “Castle of the Crimson Guard,” “Fortress of the Black Knight,” “Dragon’s Keep,” and “Citadel of the Silver Moon” were just a few of the ideas that came to mind.

But I wanted something truly unique. So I started combining words, “Frostbite Fortress,” “Thornwood Citadel,” “Misthaven Castle,” and “Ravencrest Keep.”

The generator was ready, and I couldn’t wait to see what names it would come up with.

Haarton PalaceWattingham CitadelHartington FortHeamyock Palace
Garsley PalaceNarris CitadelCroftvalley FortSanthope Stronghold
Hurlton KeepEryas CastleBargsea CitadelStowe Stronghold
Wishborne CastleEarnside KeepUltrona KeepCroft Hold

Unique Castle Names

As a castle enthusiast, I love researching and discovering unique castle names. One of my favorites is “Chateau des Milandes” in France, which means “castle of a thousand doves.” Another interesting one is “Predjama Castle” in Slovenia, built into a cave system.

And who can forget “Neuschwanstein Castle” in Germany, famously known as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Castle names can be just as enchanting as the castles themselves.

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Harzelslack PalaceBode KeepDaffield StrongholdArvendon Keep
Barknor PalaceMizeareigh CitadelCaestshire CastleParthley Fort
Cambolton PalaceTalverton PalaceLeydford FortressStrathenberg Palace
Slyborn FortLardel FortEarlington CastleHayton Hold

Badass Castle Names

I have always been fascinated by castles and their names. If I ever owned one, I would call it “Dragon’s Den” or “Sword’s Edge.” “Thunder Fortress” or “Shadow Keep” would also be fitting names. I can imagine myself standing on the battlements, surveying my domain, feeling like a true king.

A badass castle needs a badass name, and I’m determined to find the perfect one.

Easkerton PalaceParlton FortressHurwell StrongholdSkelside Fortress
Raefus CastleFangdor CastleBaston StrongholdCalford Hold
Starminster FortressEallesborough PalaceParverhill FortressEryas Palace
Brivey FortressCandor StrongholdCloveshire FortressWattingham Hold

Famous Castle Names

Castle Names

As I strolled through the lush gardens surrounding the grand fortress, I pondered its name. “Fortress of Solitude” was too cliché, and “Castle of Kings” too generic. Suddenly, inspiration struck – “Dragon’s Keep!” The name conjured images of fire-breathing beasts and epic battles, befitting such a grand and imposing structure.

It was settled – Dragon’s Keep would forever be remembered as one of the most famous castles in history.

Boltan HoldStowe PalaceBode FortressPernstowe Citadel
Wattingham PalaceAshington HoldWindmontel CastleWhitich Keep
Earlington FortressBaston CastleSevenberg FortCharhelm Palace
Wringcaster KeepDornham HoldHerst KeepWringcaster Castle

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