Can long-distance relationships succeed? How to overcome jealousy?

Dating, on its own, carries many problems and complications, physical separation is certainly not one of the factors that make it easier. 

We present you with some tips on overcoming obstacles along with significantly fewer panic attacks:

Define the seriousness of the relationship

The long-distance relationship includes both the risk and sacrifice, but if you really believe you’re meant to be together, those things won’t matter. Before you indulge in this kind of relationship, you must define the terms. 

Is this relationship going to be monogamous or will you be seeing other people – this is the first thing you need to work out, together, in order to have a clear situation and avoid unnecessarily argues and jealousy.

Avoid secrets

Honesty is important in every relationship, especially in those that are long-distance. Be open about your insecurities. Tell your partner how you feel and what you’re afraid of. 

Your honesty will have a positive impact on the relationship and there’s a big chance your partner will develop a higher level of sensitivity to your feelings.

Surprise each other

Routine is very important in long-distance relationships. You always know the exact time you’ll see each other because you have to plan it ahead, so there’s a danger that the feeling of surprise will be lost in your relationship. Don’t let it happen! 

Spice up the romance by surprising each other occasionally, whether it’d be an unexpected erotic text, phone sex or an unexpected visit (which is often the loveliest present).

Communicate daily

Daily communication can’t be replaced by anything in long-distance relationships. You have the phone, texts, Skype – there’s no need to not share what you’ve been doing that day since it will keep your relationship alive. It may sound like too much, but when the long-distance relationship is in question, it will be healthy for your relationship that you share every minute of your day with your partner, from the smallest details to the big stuff.

Don’t neglect the sex life

Although you’re not sleeping in the same bed every night, it doesn’t mean your sex life has to suffer a drought every time between the visits. On the contrary, use the distance in order to stimulate each other mentally – use your imagination! 

You have to learn how to be creative over the phone, not vulgar, but naughty enough to make your partner wonder what you’re wearing and what your partner would do if you were closer.

Plan visits – as often as you can

If it’s possible, see each other at least once a month. Do you know how exciting it is when you go out with someone for the first time and that person is already wondering when you two will meet again? Do that in this case. 

Don’t let your partner’s or your visit end without discussing the next one. Still, if you can’t manage to see each other as often as you wish, there are always virtual dates over Skype, which can also be nice. 

Send gifts and letters

Texts, Facebook, Twitter – all of that has significantly made long-distance relationships easier. But, how did those couples in the pre-electronic era function? With the help of a pen and paper, of course! 

Physical closeness is what the relationship’s missing the most when you’re separated and modern means of communication can’t bring you close to your partner as much as an ordinary letter – it’s only because of the fact that you’ll be holding a piece of paper that your partner held and wrote out just for you!

Trust each other

Dedication is a mean of decision. If you know your partner well and you set up a routine in your relationship, distrust shouldn’t create a problem. Show compassion. If your partner said he would call you after 6 pm, and it’s already 7 pm and he’s still not calling, don’t think of the worse! It’s more probable that your partner was held up at work, not that he went out with someone else. 

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Take good care of your social life

It’s Saturday night and you’re watching TV with your cat, because, oh dear, your partner is on the other side of the world. This shouldn’t be happening to you, at all. It’s necessary that both of you have built up social lives in your separate towns, in order to keep the feeling of security and independence which is of utmost importance to your confidence. Going out with your friends will keep you thinking positively and it will boost your mood.

Set a goal

How many time relationships can function as a long-distance one? It’s, of course, an individual thing and depends on many factors, but you can’t be forever in that kind of a relationship. 

When the time comes, you’ll have to live in the same town. The belief that, at some point in the future, you’ll finally live together in the same place is a light at the end of the tunnel for your relationship. That, on the other hand, means that one of you will need to move and that subject, although sensitive, must be discussed.

Valerie Malecha is the content marketing manager for Spokeo. She is an experienced writer and editor. She creates articles on relations, dating, parenting, technology, travel and business topics.

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