Can I get a job after getting a CCNA 200-301?

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    One of the most popular questions on cybersecurity boards is ‘Can I get a job after getting a CCNA 200-301?’. Let’s dig deep to answer this complicated question. First, let us begin by saying that it is not easy to qualify CCNA in the first place and thus people wonder if it’s worth investing their time and effort to qualify for the test. 

    Do companies offer jobs to people with CCNA certification only?

    There is no straightforward answer to this question. Many companies might want to hire somebody with CCNA certification for entry-level cyber security or IT jobs. On the other hand, some companies might look for additional qualifications or skills. In any case, it is always better to combine the CCNA certification with complementary skills such as technical experience. 

    Let us now have a look at some of the jobs after qualifying for CCNA certification.

    Jobs that you can get after CCNA certification 

    Here is a list of jobs that you can get after getting a CCNA certificate: 

    • System engineer: Know that there is a starting point to every career in this world. A system engineer could be a starting point for you as someone who has a CCNA certificate. The job that you would probably get will be of a lower level. Your job will seek your support in LAN and WAN connectivity and other technical support. Other tasks that you would be asked to do is the maintenance of documentation, quick response to alerts, tickets and other important notifications. 
    • Technical support engineers: Another great job opportunity that you will get is in the form of technical support engineers. Clients and customers of organisations often need regular advice and support. This job will require you to offer support and troubleshoot. You will be asked to provide IT tech support while maintaining the constant functioning of the client’s system.
    • Systems engineer: organisations these days require managers for various systems and devices. A person with CCNA certification will have deep information about the installed infrastructure. You will be given the responsibility of maintaining the security and backup of the system. Apart from that, you will also offer support at the 2nd and 3rd levels in the organisation. 
    • IT manager: The information technology manager has to plan and direct the activities in the IT department. As an IT manager, you should have skills regarding data processing, systems and operations. 
    • Network administrator: Don’t confuse network administrator with systems administrator, both of them are different from each other. As a network administrator, you will be asked to manage the software and hardware and ensure smooth operation for the organisation’s network infrastructure. 
    • Senior network engineer: A senior network engineer holds a very crucial position in an organisation. It would not be wrong to say that the IT support team depends on the senior network engineer for the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure. The role of the senior network engineer generally involves designing, implementing, deploying, maintaining and supporting the infrastructure. 
    • Network security specialist: the last job on our list is that of a network security specialist. A network security specialist is expected to prevent, detect and solve any issue related to the IT network’s security. 

    CCNA will get you a job but don’t stop growing

    Although CCNA will get you a decent job you shouldn’t stop growing. Once you get a job, supplement your skills and knowledge. An important thing that you should focus on in the building is experience. You can build your experience by taking on some additional projects as well. Always be ready to learn new skills that will complement your CCNA certification.

    Take out time from your schedule to learn new skills that will help you be better at what you are doing. Try to learn something new every day that adds value to your resume. Besides that, don’t stick with a single organisation for your whole life. Keep updating your CV and keep looking for new opportunities around you.


    In a nutshell, if you are planning to qualify for CCNA you should go ahead. If you don’t know how to start preparing then take help from professionals such as SPOTO who will help you in qualifying for the exam with excellent grades.


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