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Buy Caviar? Here are some suggestions

Today it is relatively easy to buy caviar. Years ago, this product was only consumed by locals around the Caspian Sea. With the passage of time, caviar became part of the most exclusive tables. Currently, there are different classes and categories of this product on the market, which allows everyone to enjoy its flavor.

The over-exploitation of sturgeon for the acquisition of roe and the time it takes to reach reproductive maturity, up to 20 years, has excessively increased the price of this delicacy, already expensive. This has led to the creation of many substitutes for caviar, for example, salmon, trout, lump or cod roe. Caviars have even been created with snail roe, with olive oil or with balsamic vinegar. These products are sold in many supermarkets in the country.

If what you want is to buy a can of sturgeon caviar, you will have to go to a specialized store. For example, you will find it in the gourmet products section or in a delicatessen food store in your city. You can also buy it online at Caspianmonarque.

In big cities, you can buy caviar of any quality and at the best price. In many of these stores you will find varieties of Iranian or Russian caviar. By buying caviar in one of reputable stores, you will have the guarantee that the origin is what is really indicated, that the handling during transport has been correct and if the caviar is really from the desired sturgeon species.

Buy Caviar Online

Buying caviar online must always be done with the best possible guarantees. Caviar is too expensive to take risks in handling. In addition, it is a product that can be used as a scam.

To avoid these types of problems, we recommend using trusted pages. One of the websites where you can buy caviar online with a full guarantee is Caspianmonarque. The suppliers that supply the products through their platform are verified.

The variety in the online store is very wide, you can buy Beluga caviar, Caviar Sevruga or Caviar Oscietra, with all the guarantees that the online shopping can give. You can also buy caviar online on pages with national products. Although the most recognized caviar is the one that originally comes from sturgeon raised in and around the Caspian Sea, it also exists in other areas of Europe and Asia.

Spanish caviar is among the best in the world. One of them is the caviar from Riofrío that is produced in Granada and has its own page for online purchases. Another example is the Caviar Nacarii, made in the Aran Valley, with the supervision of Iranian experts and that you can order online.

But no matter where your caviar comes from, buying caviar directly in the country of origin is not recommended. It is true that the price is cheaper if you buy it in the vicinity of the Caspian, but there are a number of drawbacks. Buying online from a reputable store such as Caspianmonarque is recommended.

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