Business Name – A Guide To Name Your Moving Business

The truth is that coming up with a business name is not the most important decision you have to make, but coming up with a name for your long-distance moving business is something that needs a lot of care and consideration. That is because the whole process is not easy, and the name plays a huge role in the overall development of your business. Many people underestimate just how challenging the entire process can be.

NOTE: A business name does not only help you stay ahead of the competition but creates an impression of your business. 

Nevertheless, you have to decide at some point. Well, below is a guide aimed at helping you come up with an excellent name for your moving business. 

The Starting Point

Where should you start? This is the million-dollar question. Well, according to modern knowledge of business, the approach of naming a business is divided into two very important parts:

  •   The emotional or Brain-storming Part
  •   The Practical Part

When you master these two aspects, surely you will be in a position to come up with a great business name. Remember, one part does not work without the other, and it is always wise to start with the one that does not demand a lot of effort (the emotional or brainstorming aspect) and work your way towards the technical side of the process.

  • The Emotional Or Brain-Storming Part

The brainstorming part is more like free-thinking. At this stage, the inspiration for a business name can come from any situation. As a matter of facts, many brands evolved from day to day ideas and situations. Take the example of Apple, which is a global tech brand founded by Steve Jobs, whose inspiration came from a fruit. The underlining idea comes down to the feeling you intend to create in your potential customers. Therefore, do not worry yourself by thinking so hard about names, let it come naturally. Evoke what is in you. In other words, what are you feeling? What ideas do you want to create? What are your goals? Capability? Innovation? Trust?  Only through this method will names come to you naturally.

  • The Practical Part

The practical aspect demands more from you and follows several terms must be met. In other words, the practical part is larger and requires several conditions which must be fulfilled, which of course demands more time and effort. You should note that this step is not possible without the first step (brainstorming).

Four Basic Primary Factors for a Good Long Distance Mover Name: 

  • Be Memorable Enough

There is no way you are going to attract and retain customers if they cannot remember the name of your business. A good business name must always ring in their mind, even when they are not thinking of your service. Remember, people often associate names with places or terms that are familiar to them. This is the main reason why one or two-word names are easier to remember. Remember, just because a name is simple does not mean that people are going to remember. For example, if you are faced with a longer but logical name and a shorter but senseless name, always choose the longer one. What does this mean? Well, the name should always make sense. If you visit website of My Long Distance Movers, you will find the list of best-rated moving companies in USA, you can draw some inspiration from the names listed there.

  1.   It Should Be Original 

Your business name should be original. As such, you should not use your competitor’s name, foreign language, mispronunciations, or eligible domain names. This is where research comes into play.


  1.   Application

A good business name is supposed to be applicable in all situations. What does this mean? Well, take your marketing plans into considerations. For example, let say you are planning to market your business online, then your domain name should include the name of your business. It does not make sense to customers when your business is called ‘X’ whereas its online domain name is ‘Y’.com. 

  1.   Leave Room For Growth

Any business name should leave room for growth. For example, Google and Amazon are two brand names that have undergone extensive growth. In the world, there is only one company known as Google, and this also applies to Amazon.  As such, your business name should not limit your growth only to one region; think about expanding your business to other countries.

Therefore, the conclusion of this is that you create an opportunity to develop your brand into a global brand; this means that you can apply development strategies in the future.