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If you want to get an upper hand in the roulette game, then it’s mandatory to understand the logic behind the game and the purpose of its specific design. The positions of the numbers on the roulette table wheel may appear random at first, but in reality, they aren’t. Professional players know that the numbers are positioned differently in American and European roulette and it’s done purposely. So you must know the details of the layouts of different roulette tables and wheels to become a master of the game.

The composition of the Roulette Wheel:

A standard roulette table wheel is divided into 3 main parts. These are –

The ball track – The ball gets spun here and after completing its several rounds, it finally rests on the base track.

The base track – This part makes sure that the ball rolls without fail towards its ultimate destination, the pockets.

The pockets – The pockets are arranged on the wheel head. After some bounces, the ball finally rests in a specific single pocket every time.

The descending of the ball is never clean. It’s always interfered and bounded by the things referred to as ‘bumpers’, ‘pins’ or ‘diamonds’. The casino makes sure that the ball always brings a surprise landing to a random pocket.

American Wheel:

The American roulette grabs the highest casino advantage among all with 5.26% of the amount. This table includes an extra green slot, known as “double zero”. This is the key to success as including this one the total pocket numbers in American roulette becomes 38. The numbers are arranged clockwise in a sequel.

European Wheel:

European roulette is very popular among the versions. This table includes a total of 37 pockets with the number range of 1-36 and only a single green zero pocket. This has lowered its house edge in comparison to the American version. European roulette gains an average casino advantage of 2.7%. The numbers are arranged in the wheel in a clockwise manner.

Bets based on Wheel sectors:

Only European/French roulette offers the popular ‘call bets’. Only these bets aren’t based on the table’s layout, but just on the wheel’s layout. Here’s a list of such exceptional bets and the numbers covered by them.

•    Zero Game – Some of the numbers are 3, 35,12 ,32 or 15

•    The Orphans – Here some numbers are 1, 9, 17, 6, 14 or more

•    Neighbors of Zero – 22, 29, 35, 19, 4, 21 25 and more

•    Thirds of the Wheel – 27, 11, 36, 30, 8, 24, 5, 33, 16 and more

There is one more special bet known as the ‘neighbors bet’. In this bet, the gamers can bet on 5 consecutive numbers as they appear on the roulette wheel.

The logic of the Wheel Layout:

The way that these numbers are arranged on a roulette table wheel has zero arithmetical value. Theoretically, this is a vital secret that manages the amazing balance of the game of roulette. Actually, all these numbers are very carefully arranged with purposes to do several things at a time. A good player must understand the logic of the layout of the wheel table in order to win the game on a regular basis. At the initial stage, you may find it difficult to understand the basics of the layout, but after playing a few games, you will slowly start understanding the layout of the roulette table.

The arrangement of numbers is confusing and complicated until you go through it and try to understand. When you first see them, you can’t make any sense or relation between the numbers and sectors. That’s why people can’t mark out any bias and get confused about betting on a specific sector. Though the master players know how the arrangement goes, newcomers will see it as chaotic and random.

An absolute rule of the roulette wheel is two adjacent pockets will always have different colors. Thus, black and red color pockets come alternatively in all type of wheels.

High (19-36) numbers and low (1-18) numbers also come alternatively in the roulette wheel. In the European wheel, there’s rarely a high and low number side by side, except for the 5 and 10. However, American roulette doesn’t maintain this sequence strictly and you can find many high and low numbers sitting side by side in the wheel. That’s why the European wheel is considered as the better balanced one among these two versions.

The wheel includes an even distribution of both even and odd numbers. The European wheel never arranges more than two even or odd numbers adjacently.

Certainly, the number arrangement on the roulette wheel is random. A clever brain has worked behind all these, resulting in this most perfectly balanced game seen ever!

The Roulette Table:

A standard roulette table is always similar no matter what roulette version you’re looking at. The single difference is the American table that includes an extra pocket of the double zero. Both outside and inside bets are clearly visible in American or European roulette tables. The numbers are also colored correspondingly to the pockets on the wheel. However, the French roulette table has one unique thing – it has a little different layout and the best names come in French on it. Still, these minor differences are ignorable as they really don’t affect the outcome ratio of gamers. If there are extra announced bets in the game, then there could be an extra betting table called the ‘racetrack’. It includes all special call bets, including the ‘neighbor’ bet too.

Knowledge means Victory!

Good knowledge about the layouts of wheel and table will certainly make your grasp firm in the game of roulette. With time you will get even better at it. To be a pro-player, you must get familiar with multiple different probabilities, odds, and possibilities. You can also consider reading some tips about the game online. After you gain enough knowledge you will start to understand the game. Only then it’s possible that you may make good money from roulette.

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