Оverview DualSense Controllers With New Colors


    Playstation 5 presented more than a significant leap in the console’s technical performance. The new gamepad, DualSense, is the truly revolutionary technology that brings gaming to the next-gen level. 

    The gamepad works not only with PS5 but with PC as well. Surely, you would need the best gaming OS to run DualSense on your Pc. However, the full spectrum of functions is available only on the original PS5. 

    DualSense combines design and technology to provide new feelings to the gaming experience. Let’s look closer at each aspect of the gamepad. 


    DualSense became significantly bigger than DualShock 4. There were complaints about DualShock being too small in a grip, especially for big hands. DualSense improved in this aspect and now lies firmly in hands. 

    The buttons’ layout remained similar to DualShock 4. However, the trackpad became more seamless with the gamepad, making it more fitting with the whole design. Besides, now the buttons follow the general color scheme of the gamepad. 

    There are three available colors for DualSense at the moment: white, crimson, and black. The white color was the original color, as well as the Playstation. However, after consistent usage, the gamepad was covered with dust and grease, becoming greyish.

    It spoiled the overall look of the device and required consistent cleaning. The darker colors should solve this problem and make constant usage less visible.

    The crimson color looks like a compromise between the black and the white gamepads. It still has a darker tone to make stains from hands less distinct. At the same time, it remains colorful to fit your bright room. 

    DualSense design fulfills the purpose: it makes the gamepad feel comfortable in your hands. 

    Haptic feedback 

    One of the most prominent features of DualSense is its haptic feedback. The previous generation’s gamepads vibrated with the whole device. The inner motors gave impulse during the intense scenes, explosions, or dramatic moments. 

    The feelings were great at the time but a bit straightforward. Game developers could only regulate the intensity of vibration. They were going from a slight heartbeat that returns in your hand to a massive vibration that moves your gamepad. However, the feeling was the same – the rumbling of the device in your hands. 

    Haptic feedback takes vibration in gamepads to a new level. The principle remains similar – two separate motors vibrate during the action on the screen. Yet, instead of the usual directing each moment for vibration separately, the developers combine the audio tracks from the game with the gamepad. 

    As a result, the gamepad reacts to different sources of sound simultaneously. For example, taking a mission from Call of Duty: troops disembark from the chopper. You feel the helicopter’s blades spinning, the explosions near you, and your gun at the same time. 

    All these levels of vibration contribute hugely to the immersion. It is not only about sound effects. You can feel different surfaces with your palms and the impact of different movements, like jumps or slides. 

    Getting hit in a shield in Demon Souls with an arrow and a sword are two different feelings. Haptic feedback provides a deeper experience with the game. Besides, it becomes a more available tool for game developers. 

    Adaptive triggers 

    Another selling feature of DualSense is its adaptive triggers. This technology adds resistance to the triggers, making them emulate the feeling of the actual gun trigger. You feel recoil in your fingers when you shoot from the automatic gun in a shooter game.

    Adaptive triggers require some time to get used to them. They may be a nuance in online shooting games. However, you may turn off this feature in the game’s settings to get your desired experience.

    Or you need to press the trigger harder to draw the bowstring when you shoot with a bow. Adaptive triggers complement the haptic feedback and make the gameplay process more engaging. Adaptive triggers are a great contribution to the single-player experience. It can be turned off if you are used to the old feedback. 

    Games to Play with DualSense 

    The features themselves have no value without games that would utilize these features at most. Here is a shortlist of titles that you definitely should try with the DualSense controller. 

    Demon Souls 

    Demon Souls is the remake of the original game released in 2009. Saving the core gameplay, the game developers enhanced and improved it in every aspect. 

    In terms of DualSense experience, Demon Souls has a great variety of situations. Adaptive triggers react differently, depending on the weapon in your hands. Haptic feedback works for the offense and defense and works exceptionally in boss fights. 

    Shooting arrows and swinging swords differ within the game with different weapons. Different magic spells have different vibration feedback as well. 

    Death Stranding: Director’s Cut 

    Death Stranding is an unconventional game in many ways. From gameplay to story, you need to learn new things and wrap your mind around the new ideas. The Director’s cut of the game on PS5 extends it even further. 

    Death Stranding gameplay is based on walking. The protagonist trespasses rugged terrain on his own, bikes and cars. Each type of movement gives a different vibration with haptic feedback. 

    Besides, balancing the weights on Sam’s back with adaptive triggers will let you feel the struggle of the character. 

    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut 

    This version of the game utilizes all the features of the DualSense controller. The gameplay focuses on melee combat and stealth kills. Ghost of Tsushima can go wildly from silent infiltration into a massive massacre. 

    The gamepad reacts accordingly. You feel each swing and hit off your sword, its intensity, the resistance of the bowstring when you land a shot, and a massive powder explosion. Weather effects and different surroundings are also reflected in the haptic feedback.

    Final Words 

    Whichever color of the gamepad appeals to you most, DualSense features will elevate your gaming experience to a new level. Games of different genres benefit from DualSense’s innovation. The gamepad’s design makes it comfortable for long play sessions. 


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