On December 20, the encrypted version of the phrase “Bitcoin” traded at $46,578 per unit, resulting in a global market value of $881 billion. Bangladesh’s GDP is 2.72 times Bangladesh’s GDP, and Sri Lanka’s GDP is 10 times Sri Lanka’s GDP. Bitcoin, the most costly cryptocurrency in history, debuted in 2009 at a cost of $1. If an investor had put $100 in Bitcoin in 2009, it would be worth $4.67 million now the information revealed by this website.

A 24-hour crypto marketplace has been established, with over 15,700 cryptocurrencies of over $2.37 trillion. This category includes

  • Pennies,
  • Tokens
  • Smaller fractions

With a market cap of $1.45 trillion, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Filecoin, Ethereum Classic (ECC), Monero, and Helium are among the top ten most valuable cryptocurrencies. According to Crebaco, there are 500 different currencies to choose from on homegrown crypto exchanges. When Unocoin, a cryptocurrency exchange first opened its doors in 2013, it signaled the start of cryptocurrency investment.

“Great Basket”

In the crypto world, there are over two dozen different sorts of tokens. Store-of-value tokens like as Bitcoin and Litecoin, yield-farming tokens such as Aave, and decentralized finance are examples of these. Stablecoins, on the other hand, derive their value from more traditional assets such as gold and silver. GLC is linked to the price of gold, whereas USDT is linked to the value of the US dollar. One such example is Siacoin, a cryptocurrency intended to fund innovative initiatives aiming at fixing real-world concerns such as cloud storage.

Meme coins, which can be based on anything from the original to the bizarre, have grown in popularity all over the world by this website. The first meme coin, Dogecoin, will be available for purchase in 2020. The Dogecoin meme was inspired by the Shiba Inu dog.

Despite the fact that there are over 250 meme coins, Sogani advises investors to avoid them. According to him, investors should restrict their exposure to meme currencies to 1% to 5% of their whole crypto portfolio.

In 2021, fraudsters stole a record $7.7 billion from consumers via a scam known as “rug pulls,” in which cryptocurrency venture developers abandon their businesses and grab their customers’ coins. Squid’s price recently surged from $0.01235 to $2860 before plummeting when the currency’s owners vanished with nearly $3 million in retail investors’ money, forcing the coin to lose all of its worth. Despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s enthusiastic support for the cryptocurrency’s profit potential, Dogecoin’s recent volatility has worried many investors.

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, investors will benefit as well

Regular investors are no longer enthralled by what was once a hotspot for the industry’s staid types. As of the first week of December, Grayscale, the largest digital asset management, had $50.99 billion, CoinShares had $5.88 billion, and 3iQ of Canada had $2.65 billion, for a total of $73.04 billion.

Experts thinks that the tendency toward institutionalization will accelerate over time. When major institutional investors begin to invest in the crypto market, they will bring a wealth of knowledge and a good reputation with them. As a result, he expects “costs to soar even further.”

Experts of hedge fund True Beacon argues that there are no fundamentals driving cryptos in the $7 trillion-per-day global currency market. “It’s been an exciting ride,” he says. Unlike cryptos, fiat currencies continue to be supported by the government.”

Surprisingly, Bitcoin’s market share has plummeted from more than 80% to less than 50% in the last few months. There are big expectations for Solana’s success in the coming year. Experts anticipated that it would once again overtake both Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 due to its superior rapid transaction speed (processing over 2,500 transactions per second vs. 15 transactions per second for Ethereum), lower cost, and greater decentralization. According to Moya, even if Bitcoin does not outperform other cryptocurrencies, it will still outperform gold.


To conclude, as other experts point out, the low unit cost of cryptos isn’t the most essential consideration for investors right now. Instead, before purchasing cryptocurrency, investors should consider its real-world applications. On the other hand, investors looking for a little more alpha in their portfolios may want to look at the Top 100 crypto stocks.


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