Best Survey Tools — 2023 Reviews

When applied wisely, online surveys are the most effective tool for maximizing and optimizing online interaction with potential and consistent customers. But how to utilize them wisely? The answer is obvious — you must find and obtain the best quiz builder.

Which survey builder to try?

  1. Typeform. It is one of the most sought-after products in the niche. It is great at creating diversified forms, conveying them to customers, and processing the data received. Besides, their forms do really look good, which is a meaningful detail for most users.
  2. Marquiz. This tool offers forms that are equally beautiful, diversified, and effective. Nevertheless, it is about generating leads and maximizing conversion, rather than about just typing in the form.
  3. Survicate. It is a combination of a powerful tool and simple and intuitive customer experience in managing surveys and customer feedback. Like with the previous products, its functionality embraces multiple question types, templates, distribution methods, and integrations. It is intended for those users who are searching for comprehensive software for obtaining and analyzing feedback along with team collaboration and a plentiful array of use cases.
  4. SurveyMonkey. This product is a good choice for scaling businesses, due to a rich assortment of flexible subscriptions. It offers standard functionality, which can be found in any of the other products from our rating, but it stands out from its competitors due to an extremely user-friendly design and navigation.
  5. SurveyKiwi. The toolkit of this software is also basic, however, it is one of the most frequent choices among small companies, due to its affordable pricing.

Marquiz vs Typeform: Which of them is better?

As you can see from the rating above, the two leaders are Marquiz and Typeform. Yet, you would probably ask which of them to choose. Let us compare their key features. As you know, most software offers both free trial periods and prepaid plans. So, what do you get with Typeform free of charge? You will get access to 2 surveys, 10 questions, and 3 logic jumps. What about Marquiz? The features mentioned will be provided without any limitations along with unlimited file storage, erasing unwanted branding, and maximized lead generation. In case you are looking for a deeper analysis of the two tools described. In general, we can say that Typeform allows you to collect all the data you want to know about your customers, but Marquiz will go further — it will help you optimize your work with leads and make it really profitable.

Other top survey tools to consider

While the aforementioned survey tools are great choices for many businesses, there are a few other options that are worth considering:

  1. Qualtrics – This is a comprehensive survey tool that offers a variety of features such as advanced branching and piping, complex survey logic, and customization options. It is great for larger businesses that require more complex surveys.
  2. Google Surveys – This is a simple and cost-effective survey tool that is perfect for businesses on a budget. It offers a wide range of question types and targeting options, and you only pay for completed responses.
  3. SurveyGizmo – This survey tool offers a variety of advanced features such as advanced reporting and analysis, custom scripting, and integrations with other software. It is a great choice for businesses that require more advanced survey capabilities.
  4. SoGoSurvey – This survey tool is great for businesses that require more customization options. It offers a variety of question types, templates, and themes, as well as advanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

Choosing the right survey tool for your business

When choosing a survey tool, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your business. Consider factors such as the number of surveys you need to create, the complexity of the surveys, the level of customization you require, and your budget. Additionally, it’s important to consider the user experience of both the survey creator and the survey taker.

In conclusion, online survey tools are essential for businesses looking to maximize their interaction with customers and optimize their work with leads. There are a variety of great options available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. By carefully considering the specific needs of your business, you can find the perfect survey tool to help you achieve your goals.