Best Sports Apps for Apple Watch in 2021


    Sports apps are such a huge niche on the market. However, it’s hard to find some comprehensive ones that would include all useful features and still be easy to use. These live score apps will send all updates straight to your Apple Watch. It’s very convenient to receive all updates on your wrist when you don’t have your phone at hand or are simply too busy to look at it. You can still watch all match highlights later on your smartphone.

    With Apple Watch version you can receive hot news, real-time statistics, scores and many more. It’s also worth mentioning that smartphone app versions are more packed. There you can stream matches, participate in live chats, watch video highlights and read articles that cover all sports topics you could think of. At the same time, live score apps will keep you updated on your smart watch and send you alerts before each match and notifications on course of the game.

    We managed to put up a list of topnotch live score apps that have everything a sports fan needs. All of them cover different sports, so everyone can find something for themselves. And if you are a fan of sports channels on YouTube and a trip to Asia, we highly recommend you to have a special VPN that unblocks popular sites in China.

     Let’s see what each app holds.


    TheScore (Android / iOS) is always takes high positions on live score app ratings. It covers a large number of competitions and leagues, and sends followers fresh updates on scores, stats and many more. You will get a reminder before each match, so you’ll never miss out on them. In case you’re busy and can’t stream the match live, you will be able keep an eye on all goals and red cards from your Apple Watch.

    2.Bleacher Report

    With Bleacher Report (Android / iOS) you can get all the news on your favorite teams and players from across the world in one place with personalized streams and alerts. With ‘favorites’ option you can select your favorite teams and personalized updates directly on your wrist.

    3.Baltimore Ravens Mobile

    Baltimore Ravens Mobile (Android / iOS) delivers diverse content, hottest news, updates and unique info to their followers. You´ll have quick access to your favorite teams and players directly on your wrist. From Apple Watch you can view biographical information on players, their stats, track upcoming games and receive alerts before each match. In their smartphone version you can also play games and compete with other fans from all over the world for autographed gears and other cool prizes. The app is so complete that you can even buy/sell and manage your tickets there.

    4.MLB At Bat

    MLB At Bat (Android / iOS) one of the best apps for baseball updates. You can watch and listen live, follow your favorite teams, receive up-to-date stats on them and check game schedules. Everything you need to know about latest news in the world of baseball in just one app.

    5.Sports Alerts

    Sports Alerts (Android / iOS) will list all leagues on your Apple Watch and provide you with scores from earlier and upcoming games. On iPhone you can also watch videos, so you’ll never miss best moments of the game.


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