Best Games Based On TV Games Shows


    Best TV game show video games 

    There have been a number of TV shows over the years that have been adapted into games. While some have been dismal failures, there have been a few that are actually really fun and quite addictive to play. 

    Deadliest Catch, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Duck Dynasty, have all been transformed into games. As mentioned, they have had varying levels of success, but these are the best TV show based games you can play right now. 

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire

    Probably the most popular game on this list, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, was released a few years ago now. It is basically the exact same as the TV show, unfortunately, without the same financial prizes at the end of it. 

    Weirdly, it saw a spike in popularity last year when a number of streamers on Twitch began playing it on their streams on a regular basis. Considering it is really easy to play, and there are vast amounts of questions, it has great replayability. 

    Even though it isn’t a multiplayer game, it is quite easy to play against a friend or two, who can win the most money or who will get an answer wrong and lose it all. Highly addictive and you also end up learning a thing or two, this is definitely the best game on this list. 


    Jeopardy has been adapted into multiple forms. There are books, board games, and obviously video games. The video game was first released all the way back in 1987, allowing fans to play in the comfort of their home using their Nintendo game systems. 

    The video games play much like the TV show does, and while it does have its flaws and it could definitely perform better as a whole, if you are a fan of the show, you will definitely have some fun with the game. You can also find it in the iOS and Android app store, Jeopardy in your pocket. 


    While Buzz isn’t based on a TV show per se, it does follow a TV game show format where players are asked questions and the one with the most points at the end of it is the winner. Buzz was first released back in 2005, with the Music quiz, on the Playstation 2. 

    It was also famous for the fact that you could buy buzzer controllers for the game, and feel like you were on a real TV show. It was a game that was enjoyed by families and friends across the globe, and was allowed for hours of fun and replayability. 

    TV Show King

    Another game based loosely on a generic TV game show, TV Show King was released on the Wii back in 2008, and allowed up to four players to take part in a six or nine round trivia game. You are given multiple choice questions, and the faster you buzz in, the more money you win. 

    The two players with the most money then face off in the final, where each player will get one point for each correct answer, the first to five points wins. There is also a solo mode called Quiz Attack for anyone playing by themselves. 

    Trivial Pursuit Live

    While Trivial Pursuit Live is based on a board game and not a TV show, the game itself is in the form of a game show. While the essence of the game is still kept, there are differences that make it more fun for everyone. 

    There are questions about multiple topics, varying levels of difficulty, as well as a new feature called Catch-Up Rounds. Where players are able to catch up if they are falling behind to keep the game more competitive from start to finish. 

    Fall Guys

    While Fall Guys isn’t as viral and successful as it once was, some may not believe that it is based on a Japanese game show. Takeshi’s Castle is a game show similar to Fall Guys, with contestants having to complete more and more absurd challenges to progress to the next level. 

    While Fall Guys takes advantage of the Battle Royale style popularity, and Takeshi’s Castle has fewer contestants, the game is still very fun, and mildly addictive, with players playing over and over again to win a coveted crown and be the last man standing. 

    Deal or No Deal

    While it is technically a video game, you will find Deal or No Deal in an arcade. It plays the same way as the TV show, except ech suitcase contains arcade tickets, with the main prize varying depending on the arcade. 

    Choose a suitcase, eliminate suitcases each round, and try to not go bust. As mentioned, you find the game in arcades, and if you come across it you should give it a try, it is really quite fun. 

    While the genre of TV game show based video games is riddled with some truly bad games. There are a few that have the same soul as the TV version, as well as provide players with the same amount of fun. All of these games are worth a try, and they won’t leave you disappointed. 


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