Best Bath Bomb Business Names

Bath Bombs are made up of compressed ingredients which slowly dissolves into the water leaving behind fizz. Bath Bombs have elements that make the water look exotic.

Bath Bombs are getting popular these days, and the market is booming. It is essential for a new Bath Bomb Business to maintain their presence in the current market. An attractive name is the most efficient way of maintaining it.

Why Bath Bomb Business Names are Important?

The market of Bath Bomb Business is booming day by day, and the current market is very competitive. Therefore, it is imperative to have the right Bath Bomb Business Name.

If your Company name is excellent and memorable, then you can expect customers to return.

Bath Bomb Business Names

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, Bath Bomb? Fun, Fizz, Relaxation, Shapes, Beauty? Right? Check these names below which gives the sensation of Fun, Fizz, Beauty, and Relaxation.

Fabulous FizzleBathing BeautyToes First
Sudsy SerenityFizzing FloralsFresh Fizz
Exfoliant EruptionMoisture MavenEssence Explosion
Explosive EleganceBathe BeautifullySoak in Sweetness
Fresh FragranceFizzy FrenzyBye Bye Boring Baths
Exotic ExplosionNurtured by NatureFragrant Fizz
Bubble BombMizz FizzSupreme Serenity
Supreme SoothersBlended BombsBlended Baths
Sleepy SoakBath ButterThe Bomb Dot Com
The Fizz BizzDrop and SoakLike Butter Bath Bombs
Lather LoveBath in a BallBalled Up Beauty
Lather in LuxuryRather LatherFinest Fizz
Fab BathFruity FizziesBeautiful Bombs
Foam BombsCherry BombBubble Bombs
Fizzy Foamy Bath BombsArise Bath BombsNo Stress Bath Bombs
Rest BombsPleasure BombsAroma Bombs
The Tranquil TubBreak Time Bath BombsSatisfaction Bath Bombs
Dream BombsThe Mellow BathtubQuiet Time Bath Bombs
The Bath Bomb CompanyPeaceful Bath BombsCalm Bombs
Unwind Bath BombsEffervescent Bath BombsRelaxing Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Company Names

Like we have mentioned several times in our articles, that your company names define your business; therefore, it is vital to have a relevant name for your company. Check out the list below and find out the best name for your Bath Bomb Company.

Fizz AwayBubble & FizzBubble n’ Fizz
Bubbled OutFizzed UpRelaxation Heaven
Lush LifeBath N’ BeautyFun Bath
ScensationFizz DelightNatural Fizz Essence
Venusglow BathbombsRose Petal BathsFancy Fragrance
Crispy Scent
Blue Pearl Baths
Lovely Essence
Bubble Baths
Mystical Bombs
Simple FizzBlitzy BombsDissolve Nation
Restoration BombsRestoration BathCrystal Bath
Relaxation HavenBlitz BathFizz City
Simplicity BombsMasterful Bath BombsBubble n’ Fizz
Fizzed UpFizz AwayFizzed Out
Pure EssenceBathbombs Co.Blue Pearl Baths

Bath Bomb Names

There are several types of Bath Bombs available in the market; we have classified them into three categories.

  1. Scent: Bath Bombs are sold based on scents they have. You can name your bath bomb based on its fragrance — for example, Rose Bath Bomb.
  2. Emotion/ Feeling: Bath Bombs envoke emotions like relaxation. You can name it after the Emotion they envoke. For example Relaxed Bath
  3. Colour/ Appearance: You can name your bath bomb on the basis of how they look or the colour they have. For Example: If your Bath Bomb is orange in colour then you can name it as Sunset Bath Bomb.

Bonus Tip: In case your bath bomb fits in more than one category, then you can name it after two factors. For Example Relaxed Sunset.

Check out more names from the list given below.

AllureAmore Bath BombsAnthropologie
Bath and Body WorksBath Bomb Solutions‎Bloom Bath and Body
Bombalicious Bath BombsBathe in ParadiseHoney Belle
Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath BombI Liv DailyKush Queen Shop
Soap QueenSoda Belle BotanicalsThe Body Shop
The Daily SoakThe MAD BombersThe Roxy Grace Bombed bath CompanyThe Soap GuyTreets Traditions
Village Naturals Bath ShoppeHanza Bath BombsGorgeous Soap
GoodseySchone Natural EssentialOliver ROcket
rejuvelle bathGreatGrandFrothy Fetish
Bubbles GaloreDip in Naturals Fizzy Bomb Fetish
Well let’s get BombedBe mine bath bombs Have a bomb
Feury BathBath Cha-ChaBaby Bloom
Cuddle BabyNatureShadesBath Tranquil
Bath SoothingBath PurifyTots Bomb Bath
Thrive Bomb BathBaby Bath Wish Exotic Bomb Bath

Final Verdict:

Bath Bombs are a symbol of relaxation and luxury. The name of your Company/ Bath Bomb could take your marketing game to an entirely new level. Having the right Company name can help you to retain potential customers.

We hope that the article helped you with your Bath Bomb Business Name. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below. Thank You!