Best 21 Creative Lottery Slogans


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Best 21 Creative Lottery Slogans

With the rise in availability of international online lotteries now everybody can play a lottery at the click of a button. So much competition means it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, and that’s where a catchy slogan comes into play! Examples of lottery slogans that have been used in the past include the classic ‘Gotta be in it to win it’ as well as the enthusiastic ‘Get in the Game!’ and the rather less catchy ‘Take a chance on education. Odds are, you’ll have fun!’

Advertising is key when it comes to promoting a lottery, whether that be at national, state or local level. People need to be reminded of the benefits that come from playing, such as the opportunity to assist with funding for local causes. And most importantly, people need a reminder that winning the lottery is something that happens to somebody, somewhere, every single day. With that in mind, we got our creative juices flowing in order to come up with some killer lottery slogans.

Creative and Catchy Lottery Slogans

Here are some examples of slogans that could be used to promote lotteries:

  • Dream the Impossible Dream
  • Your Chance to Win Starts Here
  • Mission Possible
  • Supporting Health and Making Wealth
  • Sometimes the Good Things in Life Do Come Easy
  • Be a Player
  • Somebody Has to Win It
  • Play Now, Laugh Forever
  • Reach to Be Rich
  • Lottery Heaven 24/7
  • Dare to Dream Bigger
  • Shoot for the Stars
  • Making the Impossible a Reality
  • If Not You, Who?
  • Try Not: Why Not?
  • Give Yourself the Gift of a Dream
  • The Lottery that Money Can’t Buy
  • We Don’t Believe in Destiny, We Believe in You!
  • Don’t Miss the Lottery Express
  • Odds Are Meant to be Beaten
  • Dreams for Sale

Feeling inspired to try your luck right now? Well, that’s the idea! Playing the lottery is all about that period of time from when you buy your ticket to when the draw takes place. That’s the space where dreams are allowed the room to breathe and where the imagination can take you away to that magical land where the money is not a concern anymore. The power of the lottery is the chance it gives us to escape from the boring and mundane routines that we all have to endure to get by.  A good lottery slogan will trigger those dreams and persuade people that playing the lottery is a positive thing. Hopefully some of our suggestions managed to do the trick!

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Shashank Jain
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