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I’m all about trying to find things that are always valuable to your money. And today, we are going to look over at some most affordable watches that look way more expensive like the Timex, Seiko, Oris, and many more. So let’s jump into it.


This is my pick for today’s list. It is sweet, way more elegant than the other, and it makes sense if you buy them in the market because of its performance, design, and models. Oris is underrated but don’t let it bother you, they have something else to prove.

So let’s get down to business, here are some reasons why Oris is sort of underrated. Believe me or not, they have an incredibly diverse catalog in which they are not afraid to try new things. 

They are not the kind of company that only releases one type of watch over and over again. These guys got a lot of things going on for you. You can get vintage and heritage-inspired to model by just having Oris Watches. 

Though you can tell that they are pretty diverse when it comes to feature and style, but they never skipped their main standard, which is their quality, meaning they are consistent across the board. 

You just know what you are going to get a reliable and tough Swiss-made watch. And as I have said earlier, they are not afraid of taking chances of discovering new things. 

They have a huge attention to little details; they are a detail-oriented company in which they added premium on functionality. Oris makes watches for people who wear watches, and it is also an amazingly tough watch.


The everyday-carry community kept giving praise and positive comments about a particular Timex Model, Timex Chronograph. A simple watch that looks great and got the job well done. 

It is a solid watch and the price rate is affordable. It has a dressy and sophisticated look. Also, the pushers have no tactile click, nor does it make a sound. It also has rubbery feedback when you try to click on the pushers. 

One of Timex’s admired propositions, they added a backlight feature on the watches they called “Indiglo”.This was introduced in the year 1992, which worked its way to become the signature of Timex, whereas 70% of their model has this feature. 


Next stop, the Seiko Sup896. It is an impressive looking dress watch, a solar-powered, excellent power reserved that you don’t have to worry about or whatsoever, and it looks elegant for an affordable price point. 

It also comes with a V115 movement solar-powered feature that has a 12month power reserved added with a water-resistant up to 50 meters. Seiko has been very popular ever since and they are still competitive and consistent.


This is a very obscure pick; they also have a model of what they call Orient Multi-year Calendar, which means that watch is broken up to a split display of the months and the years at the top portion of the watch.

It has another calm display at the bottom showing the entire calendar, including the days of the week so that you can easily check down. There are also quite different options that you can choose from the open market. 


This underrated and affordable watch is the Casio MQ24-7B2, an analog watch. The amazing thing about this watch is that it is the most affordable analog watch that you can find on the market. 

This watch has also been seen on the wrist of Pope Francis, so if you want to have a little piece of your holiness, you can get it with a price point of $10 only. They have a sense of uniqueness as well if you are talking about having affordable branded watches.


Moving right along, we have the Citizen BM8180-03E powered with a Quartz Movement with water resistance up to 100 meters. If I am looking for a go-to watch for my day-to-day activities, this would probably be my best pick.

Citizen has been making watches since 1918, so it is now over a hundred years of service and already created a ton of watches with only a $100 price range. It’s amazing, isn’t it? They are still penetrating the market with their model watches.


This brand lives under the umbrella of Citizen Watch. We are going to be check at the Bulova 96A133. This watch actually has a clean, aesthetic design, a particular little bit more of an elegant design. 

Bulova that is currently owned by the Citizen group became an iconic brand along with its release of Accutron, which was released way back in 1960 being the first-ever watch to ever use a 360-hertz tuning fork for timekeeping. 


There are a lot of brands that we can mention, but as of today, here are our top picks for affordable fashion watches that you must have. All of these are incredibly awesome, and I hope to have something in mind. 

Fashion is everything. It doesn’t matter if the price tag is different from the other as long as you have the fashion sense, and it also matters on how you deliver your fashion to other people. 

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