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The days of having to move around your entire schedule to work in an appointment to the vet’s office can now come to an end, thanks to the introduction of online vet services. Online vets services give you access to vets when you need them from the comfort of your own home.

A quick connection to a video call with a vet definitely beats making the trip out to the office. You can ask questions, get advice, and they can even see the pet, which gives them more of an ability to diagnose and direct you in how to best care for them.

Let’s talk a bit about these sites that offer such a service. Sites like, for example.

Day Or Night Vet Service

It is not so often that something happens to your pet requiring a vet at a convenient time, so when you need them the most, they may be unreachable. With services like Airvet, you can have access to a veterinary professional in a matter of minutes or less, no matter what time of day or night you may need.

Did the kids’ new puppy get into some trash and eat something they shouldn’t have at 2 am? Maybe you catch the kid feeding them things they can’t have under the dinner table on Saturday evening, and you need to know what, if anything, you should do to help. Airvet vets are available any time of day, and any day of the week, so that you can get your pet the best help you can when they need it.

Flat Service Fee

Taking your pet to the vet can definitely be a rather costly thing to have to do. Not only will there be an office visit fee, but there will likely be other fees for any sort of testing or medication, adding up to a fairly sizable bill by the time it is finished. Overhead fees like the building and employees can cause the initial office visit bill to be a hefty start for the final total.

With services like Airvet, there is a low, flat fee for every consultation with a veterinary professional. Since there are no appointments to be made or overhead costs to the vet, they can do the visit for a considerably lower rate than an office visit would cost. Plus, the care and medications will be up to you to get, allowing you to shop around for the medicine and ensure you get the best price for them.

Most Pet Care Can Be Done At Home

Some people are aware, but not everyone knows that you can actually treat your pet in your home nearly as effectively as an animal doctor can. As long as you have some form of professional guidance, lots of animal treatments can be done at home, saving you lots of money on stays at the vet for treatment.

This makes the vets at Airvet even more convenient, as they can tell you how to treat your pet at home. Your pet will also be much happier being in the place they are most comfortable while they are going through something like a sickness or injury. It can even facilitate the healing process as their bodies are less stressed and better able to heal. Whatever kind of pet you have, you can certainly make use of the convenience provided by online veterinary services. And there is absolutely no doubt that we could all use the much lower vet bill. Next time you need the help of a vet, give some thought to trying an online vet service. You may just discover

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