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A power limiting the voice of minorities

Many countries are being affected by COVID-19 and governments are targeting minority groups as the scapegoats for the rapid expansion of the virus in their countries. The virus itself doesn’t know the difference between minorities and majorities, yet there is a vivid discriminatory pattern between government oppression and minority groups.

Muslims in India, Cambodia, and Pakistan are facing stimaizgaization after being the first of the people to test positive for COVID-19. In February 2020, a viral video showed five injured Muslims being physically abused by policemen who were demanding them to sing the Indian national anthem. One of the victims died two days after due to serious injuries.

Indian Muslim minorities have been in constant threat since Narendra Modi was in power in 2014. Now since April, human impulses in India have made people place the guilt of the spread of the virus to the predominant Muslim minorities. The Muslim community is now being assaulted and banned from receiving medical care. 

China has also been oppressing minority groups such as Falun Gong and Uighur on a more extreme level showing inhumane injustice by the government. Chinese officials have also divided each city into small segments to carefully monitor every movement of minorities claiming this will help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Above that, they request all residents to scan identification cards on public transportation. Blood and DNA samples have also been requested and some passports have been taken away to not let minorities escape.

A power limiting the voice of minorities
A power limiting the voice of minorities

In the concentration camps, Chinese minorities are being forced to do labor and are learn Mandarin and adapt to the Chinese political teachings (Board). 

Moreover, in South Korea, politicians have gone against a particular group that has been oppressed since its foundation date, yet now highlighted as the main reason why COVID-19 spread in South Korea.  Shincheonji Church is the targeted church where officials claim that its leaders refused to follow public health care measures.

Yet the Ministry of Health and Welfare publicly said that the church did cooperate with the government. Schincheonji’s chairman Man Hee-Lee even encouraged recovered congregation members to donate their plasma to help contribute to finding a cure.

Many people around the world are learning of this injustice on how COVID-19 has spotlighted minority groups to be more oppressed by the government. 

All of the bases above show that many minorities are being discriminated against during this epidemic and even blamed for things that citizens don’t have full responsibility. If one needs to blame, it might be the government itself for lacking precautions in a timely manner to stop the spread of the virus from the very beginning.

As shown, governments have failed to protect vulnerable communities therefore, it is now a focus of community members to be aware of and be a united voice to help these groups. 

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