A Family Option: McAfee Antivirus


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Nobody likes malware in their system. It can make your computer perform even the simplest task with complications and requiring a ridiculous amount of time. To prevent malicious files from getting into your computer, you need to select an antivirus that will suit all your security needs. In fact, your use of the computer is the first thing to consider while picking an antivirus program, for some of them suit better for business needs, and others are perfect for a family plan. This time, we will take a closer look at McAfee antivirus and pinpoint the aspect it is really good at, apart from dealing with viruses.

Get That Spam Sorted

McAfee has an anti-spam integration with Outlook, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail. It adds a toolbar to these mailers and automatically redirects suspected spam to a separate folder. The antivirus has five levels of protection for the spam filter. At the minimum level, the risk of false-positive reports is none, but more spam gets in the inbox. At the highest spam filtering level, all the messages from unknown recipients are blocked. We suggest keeping it at the default level, and your spam control will be well-balanced.
You can create your filtering principles in the settings; however, it is difficult to imagine cases when it is necessary. It will have the ‘friends’ list, which contains addresses and domains that you trust. You can edit this list manually, add friends from the mail client toolbar, and add all contacts to the ‘friends’ list. There is also an option to block messages in languages ​​that you do not speak automatically.

Manage Your Passwords

If you decide to purchase a subscription for the antivirus, you will gen an outstanding True Key password manager along with it. A unique feature of True Key is the support of all kinds of multi-factor authentication. Password Manager works with the common master passwords, but other methods can replace it. For example, you can send an email message every time you try to sign in. Then, you will authenticate automatically after clicking on the link in the letter. Even more conveniently, you can bind your mobile device to a True Key account – in this case, you will need to swipe on the notification that appears to log in.
If you use the device with a camera, you can log in using face recognition. With a fingerprint sensor, fingerprint authentication can be activated. You can turn on advanced face recognition when you need to perform a certain head movement to enter. In this case, it will be impossible to use your picture instead of your actual face.

Parental Control

For each Windows account that belongs to the child, you can set blocking categories and configure the Internet usage schedule and see an activity report. Thus, the capabilities of the tool are limited in comparison with competitors.
To set up the content filter, you need to choose one of 5 age profiles. Each profile determines which of the 20 content categories to block. Instead of squeaking with McAfee checkmarks, there are two separate lists for blocked and allowed categories, and the arrow buttons allow you to move individual categories between lists. For that reason, you can control and filter the content, if you need your kids not to access it.

Manual Cleaning

McAfee has a feature of cleaning the unnecessary files, which you can make any time. The Quick-clean component scans your computer for cookies and temporary files. After scanning, Quick-clean lists the types of junk files found and their total size. You can view detailed information or cancel the cleaning of individual desired objects. You can set the clean regularly or do it manually when you want.

Bottom Line

These are the features that go apart from the way it detects and blocks viruses and hacker attacks. The thing we can say about the additional features is that the antivirus is almost perfect for a family subscription due to its multi-platform support, password managing, and parental control.

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