A brief guide to buying diamond pendants


Diamond is one of the most precious and beautiful gemstones. There are some very important moments in one’s life which is beautified by giving valuable gifts. When it comes to the person who is very close to us, then, Diamond jewellery is a considerable choice.

Diamonds pendants have a versatile range available in the market. But the thing is that you have to choose what is voguish for your dignitary.

Selection of a Diamond:

4C (i.e., cut, colour, clarity and carat) of a diamond determines the quality of it. Devising of Diamond depends upon the capital you put in it.

Cut of the Diamond

When we talk about the colourless diamond, the cut is the most important 4C. An enhanced brilliance and ravishing sparkle is a mark of an expert cut diamond.

Colour of the Diamond

If we are talking about the colour of the diamond you should go for colourless one, they are of the highest quality. Other diamonds which have noticeable colour are of lower quality.

Clarity of the Diamond

Then comes clarity of the diamond, which refers to the physical appearance and integrity of the stone. The stone should be clear in viewing and doesn’t seem to be tainted.

Carat of the Diamond

One should keep in mind that carat is a weight measure of the diamond, not a dimension or size of a diamond. It depends upon your style, budget and expectations.

The 5th C; this is not a mandatory step, but you consider it before buying a diamond. Check whether a reputed lab certifies the diamond.

Here are some points that you can sum up before buying the pendant:

In the market, you can find a variety of types and styles of a diamond pendant, but you have to choose what suits you best in your personality, and also, it should be from a reputable vendor.

Diamond pendant style

There is a wide range of pendants available so that you have to make sure what sort of style you are after. Do you want to look a little dressier or want a classic everyday style? Here are some diamond pendant designs for girls.

Classic diamond solitaire pendant

In this type of pendant, you will find a single Diamond attached at the end of the chain. It will provide a simple and everyday classic look. You can wear it on jeans, t-shirts or even on gowns it still looks fantastic.

There is some sort of pendants like melee diamond pendant, which is more sparkling and brilliant but not good, stylish and valuable as a single solitaire pendant.

Heart pendant designs

The heart is a symbol of love, passion, and romance. It is not from the popular cuts that are available in the market; these are the rarest ones. The one who wears it looks very attractive. Queen Elizabeth got this heart-shaped pendant from the Mary Queen Of Scots; a heart-shaped pendant becomes quite famous. Such cuts are designed by highly skilled experts. It generally consists of 56-59 cut facets. These types of pendants are very brilliant and have very light performance.


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