9 ways to make extra money at home


With so many demands on our schedules and wallets, who couldn’t stand to make a little bit of extra spending cash? Not to mention, the prospect of extra cash sounds even more appealing if you can earn more without needing to leave the house! Whether you’re saving up for a vacation or recuperating from an unexpected expense, you’re sure to benefit from at least a few of these 9 great ideas for ways to make extra money at home. 

  1. Take paid surveys online

While we undeniably live in the digital age, the development of systems, products, and technology still requires a lot of human involvement. Luckily for those of us who are hoping to make a little bit of extra money, that means that plenty of data needs to be collected from the population. 

You can sign up for paid survey sites and make some spare change by answering questions related to product ideas, current events, ethical standards, and more. An added perk of paid surveys is that they often take 15 minutes or less, meaning that they’re easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. 

  1. Start your own blog

While plenty of people express mixed feelings about the idea of “getting paid to do what you love,” starting your own blog is a great way to give that idea a try! Whether you love cooking, crafting, or tinkering with mechanical parts, someone else out there is bound to share your interests and want to read about them. 

Blogging requires a bit of planning and consistency in order to become fruitful, so be sure to direct your enthusiasm wisely with a blogging outline and schedule. 

  1. Sell textbooks that you don’t need

If you’ve finished a semester or degree track and aren’t sure what to do with your stack of no-longer-needed textbooks, try selling them to make some of your money back. You can sell textbooks for a decent bit of cash while still giving fellow students a good deal. 

Alongside making you some money, selling off your old textbooks will decrease clutter and boost your at-home productivity by creating a more inspiring atmosphere. 

  1. Sell other unused items online

Did you recently bulk up or slim down, resulting in a lot of clothing that no longer fits? Do you have some old DVD’s or games sitting around that have already given you your money’s worth of enjoyment and no longer serve a purpose? 

Just like your old books, most of these items will serve someone else quite well and can be sold off for some extra money! 

  1. Sign up for cashback programs

In case you hadn’t heard, cashback programs are basically free money. Once you sign up, you can shop through their app or browser extension and get a small percentage of your money back when you make online purchases. 

The amounts you get back might not seem like much on their own, but they’ll add up more quickly than you might expect–especially if you do a lot of online shopping. 

  1. Use paid cell phone tracking apps

If you don’t mind having a digital fly on your wall while you browse the internet and shop on your phone, then you might want to look into installing a tracking app. These pay you for the privilege of collected data related to where you go and what you do online. 

Most of this data is used in research regarding consumer habits and how people respond to ads, and you won’t need to do a thing except install the app and carry on as usual. 

  1. Work as a virtual assistant

If you’re looking for something more engaging that can make you some extra money on the side and you happen to be great at managing multiple tasks, then you might make a great virtual assistant. 

You’ll juggle lots of different things like a virtual assistant, from checking emails and making phone calls to scheduling appointments and placing online orders. You probably won’t get rich doing it, but the mobility makes it a pretty good gig. 

  1. Test websites

Do you wind up forming strong opinions about your user experience while you browse the internet? If you find yourself noticing the details of your browsing experience, then you can probably get paid to field test websites. 

A lot of developers who try out new web design ideas and experimental interfaces want to get a feel for how they’ll be received before they share them with the world. Luckily, this gives you an opportunity to make some money on a flexible schedule. 

  1. Try online tutoring

If you like working with people and helping others learn, then you might be a perfect fit for paid online tutoring. This area will be especially easy to get started in if you’re bilingual or multilingual, or if you have valuable skills like musical ability that you can share. 

You can also tutor children in fundamental subjects such as math or science. If you get a kick out of watching the lightbulb go off in someone’s head, then this could be a fun way to make some extra cash! 


If you often find yourself wishing that you could make some extra spending or saving money in between all the other things you do at home, then you’re in luck. 

Most of these ideas for making supplemental income are highly accessible and relatively easy to get started, and just about all of them are highly flexible and mobile. The next time you find yourself wishing for a little extra to put away, refer to this list of 9 ways to make extra money at home!


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