9 Characteristics of Great Students


Studying is difficult for many students. It takes a lot of discipline, motivation, and time to excel in the classroom. Great students are not born; they are made through years of hard work and dedication. So, what separates great students from the rest? Good grades don’t just happen; it’s because great students have certain traits that set them apart from their peers. Here are nine characteristics that all outstanding students possess.

Managing Time

The first step to succeed in studying is having good time management skills. Great students know the importance of staying organized, balancing their workload with other aspects of life, and prioritizing tasks for maximum efficiency. They also understand how they learn best: some are morning people, while others do better at night or on weekends. 

Knowing your learning style and ways of optimizing your time can help you better manage distractions and stay on top of deadlines. Great students are smart enough to understand how time can be wasted. They schedule their classes accordingly, so they’re never late.

Caring About Grades

Many students don’t have what it takes to do well in school. They struggle with essays, especially difficult ones like a gun control essay, tests, and other assignments, but they still manage because their grades are good enough for them at the moment.

A great student has a passion for learning. They are not satisfied with the average grade and want to become better than their peers. This is because they have high standards, know what good work looks like, and refuse to sell themselves short when it comes to academic excellence.

Planning Ahead

All great students know the importance of planning and setting goals for themselves. They take the necessary steps to succeed, whether that means scheduling a study session before an exam or keeping track of their progress throughout the semester.

Some students plan by preparing their books, pens, and snacks before class. Others use this time to ensure they have the right supplies for that day’s lecture or work on an explanatory essay due next week to jump-start. They all understand that preparation is key.

Being Resilient

It may be tempting to think that a resilient person is someone who never has any difficulties, but in reality, there’s no such thing. Great students show strengths and weaknesses all the time, but they’re able to pick themselves up after being knocked down by life circumstances every time.

The ability to withstand stress, bad grades, trauma, or illness without breaking down is necessary. Great students know how important this characteristic is in life. When studying for an exam, you need to keep a cool head during those intense moments where every problem seems like too much at once.

Leveraging Available Resources

Great students are resourceful. They know that they have a wealth of knowledge available to them and use it to their advantage. They are intelligent enough not only to realize the importance of self-education but also to take steps to improve themselves through various activities:

  • readings books on topics related to what is being learned at college-level courses;
  • listening and watching videos from prominent professors who teach at Ivy League institutions;
  • participating in online discussions with peers from around the globe; 
  • leveraging social media sites like Facebook, where one can post informative links shared among colleagues, which helps build connections with people outside class environments.

Asking Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to be a great student. Whether it’s a question about an assigned lesson, causal analysis essay topics, or something from their personal life, such students know that they need to ask questions when unsure of anything. 

“Could you please repeat that for me?” and “I’m not sure I understand what this means; could we talk about it more in-depth next time? ” are phrases often heard during school round table discussions or when students ask their teacher to explain something after class. There is no better way to learn than by asking questions.

Taking Care of Their Health

Many students are so busy with their studies that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. As a result, they often forget about sleep, food, and exercise until it’s too late, causing them more stress in the long run. 

Good health is crucial not only for grades but also for mental and physical well-being. Students need to prioritize their health if they want to be successful academically or professionally in the future.

Having High Self-Esteem

It is no secret that a great deal of pressure comes with school. With all the exams and assignments, you might not feel good enough or as if you’re reaching your potential. 

However, students need high self-esteem to get through problematic tasks and challenging times. A student with high self-esteem is more likely to change their mindset if they happen to struggle.

Keeping up With Current Events

Great students strive to be well-informed citizens. Informing yourself about what’s going on in the world can help you make better decisions for your future career. You’ll know when certain things are happening so that you’re prepared for them. You have to keep up with current events if you want to become successful in academics.


It’s not easy to be a great student, but if you want to stand out among your peers and have the potential for long-term success in life, it is worth investing some time into learning how. The above traits of successful students can help set you up for greater success at school and beyond.


  1. A great and helpful post for students.
    I think that when you are a student one of the most important things you should do is not be lazy.
    The student years build character and give you the opportunity to start making a better life for yourself!
    That’s why you need to take it seriously!


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