7 Ways to Make Friends Online


    Humans are social creatures, that’s a fact. We have a need to communicate with other people. And we have countless ways to do this – from smartphones to online video chats. But for those who struggle to interact with people in real life, making internet friends is the only way to maintain a social life.

    It may have its good and bad points, but overall it’s still a good way to spend some free time. Especially considering that we’re all limited in social interaction by lockdowns. So, let’s find out what are the best ways to make friends online.

    Social Media

    The first thing that comes to mind if speaking about communicating online is obviously social media. There are countless platforms, each having its own unique features.


    What’s unique about Twitter is that all conversations are visible to everyone. The easiest way to make friends here is to answer someone’s tweet and start a dialogue. Find a person who you can relate to, someone you think you would be comfortable talking to. Thanks to the visibility of all texts and replies, it’s pretty easy to do.


    Facebook is probably the most famous social media platform there is. While its popularity is unquestionable, some users might find it pretty hard-to-use because of the interface. But anyway, it’s still one of the best places to find online friends, because here you have groups. They are some kind of communities that are gathered around a certain topic, hobby, concept, and such.

    Just search for a group that would fit your interests. Groups are a perfect place to find people who will understand you. And because of your common interests, starting a dialogue won’t be a hard task. People there will also gladly help you with any problem. For example, a friend of mine learned that you can easily outsource your workload to an online writing service like https://essaywritingservice.com when overloaded with homework through such groups. Following a group on Facebook is also a good way to stay updated about any subject.


    Instagram would suit those who are more interested in visuals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be photos. Drawings, designs, concepts, and other forms of visual arts can be found here. But Instagram isn’t limited to art by any means, it’s a world-famous social media platform, after all. It’s easy to find popular people here, who make something you like. And usually, they are some kind of pillars of the community. People who share the same hobby or interests gather around them (virtually, of course).

    Looking through such influencer’s pages and being active in the comments can match you with some interesting personalities. And after that, evolving this communication into online friendship is easy.


    If you enjoy gaming, you must already know about the bad and good sides of talking to people in games. But if you enjoy the single-player experience more, maybe now is the perfect opportunity to find an online friend. Games are probably the easiest way to find a person you’ll like talking to making a game server.

    The reason is simple – games are already an interest. That means, if you and other gamers are playing something together, starting a conversation there is much easier than anywhere else. There’s no need for an introduction, just start discussing or joking about funny in-game situations.

    The fact that people are interacting with something together is always bonding. The best example of it would be any MMORPG game. These are the ones with large servers and player bases. Most of them depend on the player interaction with each other. And there are groups too, though they’re called guilds or something along these lines. 

    Here are some other examples of game genres that depend on communication:

    • MOBAs (Dota 2, League of Legends, Smite)
    • Online First Person Shooters (CS:GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six)
    • Strategies (Company of Heroes, Civilization)

    But what’s more important, usually conversations start on their own. Especially during in-game events, boss fights, or even simple trading. People can’t resist commenting on some attention-grabbing situations or the ones that require a conversation to happen. Start playing any multiplayer game and you’ll see how many new acquaintances you’ll get.

    Chats and Online Communities

    There are countless resources, applications, and communities on the internet which can be a perfect place to find soulmates.


    Yes, they’re generally considered outdated, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not alive. Many forums are still functional and are good opportunities to find the information on the subject you need. But what’s more important is that it’s a perfect place to discuss anything anonymously.

    Online Chats

    Well, this is a pretty direct way to find a friend, so to speak. People use online chats to communicate with other humans, that’s pretty obvious. While it may not always provide you with decent and pleasant conversations, it’s a good option if you want to have brief conversations with random people. You don’t need to visit a specially dedicated group, just go to an online chat and start talking immediately. 


    While there are many programs and online services that make voice and video chatting available, Discord is still the best among them. Well, at least for the purpose of finding friends. Discord, contrary to other platforms, offers you to explore the vast majority of different servers that correspond to any topic you could imagine.

    They work the same way as groups on any social media. People gather on these servers to discuss their hobbies, share new information and just kill some time talking to other people. And it’s even easier to do since there’s a voice chat. You can speak to other people like you would do in real life. Provided that you found a server that fits your interests, making contact with some interesting folks and becoming friends will be a matter of a few hours in a voice chat.

    Final Words

    As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make friends with people on the internet. But don’t limit yourself to only the ones on the list. Talk to people whenever you feel like it, doesn’t matter if it’s a game session or a commentary section under a Youtube video. And don’t be afraid to express yourself!


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