7 Ways to Help Get Rid of Back Pain During Pregnancy


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                     Pregnancy is the most beautiful and nervous time for any woman.


During the 9 months of the baby developing inside the womb, the mother will be facing a lot of challenges and hardships.

However, women are strong and much capable to survive the ordeal to bring a new life into this world.

One of those challenges that are commonly observed is the back and lower back pain.

Due to the baby’s growth inside the womb, the center of gravity tends to shifts slightly forward compared to that of a normal person, which leads to the pregnant woman being susceptible to falling and injuring herself.

Today, we will discuss some strategies and tips for a stress-free back during the 9-month nesting period for a mom to be.

Back pain is quite a common issue these days among all populace irrespective of the pregnant women, but, it is quite painful for the preggos compared to a normal person due to the extra load bearing once the womb really starts to grow, which would be the third trimester and forward.

So, let’s see how we can ease the pain.

7 ways to help get rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

These are some of the tricks you can follow which will certainly help ease the Back Pain during Pregnancy.

1. Yoga

The ancient Indian practice which allows for the muscles and joints to be flexible and provide a healthy lifestyle.

It is quite effective in case of pregnant women due to the fact that they can’t move around much.

Under proper supervision, women can practice yoga techniques that help relieve back and lower back pain.

Practicing Yoga is preparing for the birthing process as well.

Certain Yoga postures are specifically dedicated to pregnant women to yield excellent results.

2. Massage

Massage by a partner or a professional back massage will certainly ease the pain.

You could take help from your partner to learn about simple massage techniques to help you during those painful times.

The main reason for a message to work on your back would be the sciatic nerve in the buttocks and legs that are being clenched.

A proper and relaxing massage will help ease those nerves acting as a pressure point relief.

3. Sleeping Posture

It is just a simple term to a normal person but it is really difficult for a mom to be.

They can’t sleep in just any posture like we normally do.

The sleeping posture has to be always sideways with pillows between their legs and support pillow for their tummy too.

Also, research has shown that sleeping with one knee bent acts as a back-pain reliever.

You could check with your gynecologist for exercises that can be performed while in bed.

4. Sleeping Mattress

The posture you sleep in needs to have a firm support underneath.

An excellent mattress topper will do the trick for you.

A topper helps increase the durability and comfort of your mattress in any condition.

These 5 best picks from bestmattress.reviews will guide you to the best topper made specifically for pregnant women.

An excellent topper helps you with your sleeping posture, which provides a stress-free sleep that is soft on your back.

5. Dress up Right

This is actually exciting for a mom to be.

A proper body support is needed, which can be achieved via proper and comfortable clothing.

Garments like maternity bra, abdominal support or maternity pants (sweatpants), low heel shoe etc., will help you with the back pain.

You need to avoid wearing tight clothing and high heels since the posture will be affected, which results in the adverse effect of increasing your back pain rather than reducing it.

6. Nutritious Diet

Extra weight gain during pregnancy is normalbut try to keep it minimum, as more weight leads to more loads to your back and you will be prone to back pain.

A nutritious diet helps provide all the minerals and salts to the growing fetus.

A balanced diet with carbohydrates, fats, proteins along with fruits and vegetables keeps your body at a high metabolism and ensures excellent nutrition.

The back pain could not be solely related to pregnancy, so ensure to get the necessary tests done on osteoporosis, septic arthritis, and similar diseases just to be sure.

7. Exercises

Back Pain can be relieved via exercise too.

If you are comfortable with Yoga techniques, then some other exercises like cardiovascular, pelvic tilts, arm, and leg raises, Kegel exercises, wall squats, backstretch, chest stretch and hamstring stretch are tremendous reliefs for those suffering from back pain.

These are simple exercises that can be looked up online with a video guide for pregnant women.

So far, we have discussed what to do, and now here are a few things that you need to avoid for a stress-free back during the nesting period.

  • Walking fast or too long
  • Crossing legs
  • Sitting on the couch with knees rolled out
  • Lying on the back
  • Breaststroke kick while swimming

Final Thoughts

To all the moms to be, this is the most exciting part of your life.

Try to make it a memorable experience even with the uneven hormonal imbalance and mood swings.

You need to take of your body since it is carrying your dreams and hope for the future.

Your back is the major support for the entire upper body and it has to be in the optimal condition for an easy childbirth.

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