In this technology-driven world, both adults and children have become dependent on the internet. Creating a website specifically for kids is quite different from creating a website that will cater to adults. 

First and foremost, you must understand your targeted audiences properly. Like, it is really very important to know children’s habits and interests to determine what you should include and what not on your website. 

However, consider choosing the best Web Development company to develop the best websites for children. Make sure to develop a website that would be fun, interactive, and safe for the children. 

It doesn’t matter if you are building a website for entertainment purposes or educational purposes.

You should build a website that will catch the attention of children and keep them glued to your website. However, here we will discuss some strategies that you must follow to develop appropriate kid-friendly websites. 

Some Tips to Develop Kid-friendly Websites

The internet is filled with a myriad of websites that one can access through multiple devices. But not all websites can be good and safe for children. So, when it comes to building a kid-friendly website, pay attention to the content that you are including. 

Unlike adults, children do not search for information on websites. 

They mainly prefer those websites that are filled with games, puzzles, stories, etc. So, when you will hire the best web development company to develop the best websites for children, unleash your inner child to design age-appropriate websites. 

However, now let’s dive into the tips that you should keep in your mind while developing kid-friendly websites. 

  • Make Your Website Attention-Grabbing and Colourful

Children mostly love bright colors and therefore you should definitely play with colors to make the pages of your website bright and vivid.

 You can incorporate bright and bold colors so that children will find them interesting and stick to your website for a longer time. 

When you will choose the best web development company to develop best websites for children, ask them to infuse bright and vibrant colors into your website. Additionally, you can also add some cute little characters, easy-to-read typefaces, and colorful backgrounds. 

  • Always Build a Website That Will Be User-friendly

When you will be in the planning stage of your website, you first need to determine what age group you are going to target. 

This will help you to decide the necessary elements that you must incorporate into your website. So, you must build a website that will feature a simple design along with a unique and colorful background rather than including complicated and rigid themes.

However, choosing themes based on animals, nature, and cartoons will be the best strategy for kid-friendly websites. Moreover, you must use large letters that will be easy to read and catchy. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that the page of your website should not take too much to load.

  • Make Your Website Inclusive

One of the first easy steps to take when you create an inclusive website is to use a variety of photographs. Besides that, you can include audios and videos to make it more interesting and fun. If you will be able to keep the fun level of your website up, then you can easily get more visitors to your website. 

Adding multiple languages is another best strategy for Top fun websites to attract children globally. You can add translation services so that children can convert the website into their native language.

  • Maintain the Security of Your Website

Your website must be fully equipped with systems and programs so that all the important data of the child will be well secured. 

You can install the SSL certificate so that you can keep the data of your user encrypted. Apart from that, you have to update all the required security patches and run regular tests to identify vulnerabilities on your website. 

If you hire a web development company to develop the best websites for children, ask your developer to include payment options that will lower the risk of identity theft. 

It is important to maintain transparency when it comes to sharing users’ data on your website. Make sure to provide a well-written and detailed explanation to the guardians on how you are going to use their data for improving the user experience.

  • Use Relevant and Interactive Elements

If you will use relevant and interactive elements in your website according to the age of your users. Then, the children will understand the message and idea of your website and if they find that interesting, then they will stick to your website. 

The best strategy for kid-friendly websites is to include more visual-based content and less textual content. You have to present your content mostly through illustrations, videos, sounds, and 3D images. 

However, apart from that, you must educate the children as well with different stories and multiple segments. For example, you can provide information regarding animals and objects that they usually see in their daily lives in an interesting way. 

You can also share stories about mammoths and dinosaurs to help them get knowledge about evolution.

  • Easy Navigation and Minimize Distraction

When you will hire the best web development company to develop best websites for children, then ask your developer to build a website that features simplified navigation. You must use oversized and easily readable texts so that users can easily see what your website has to offer. 

You can add animation pictures as well to depict the navigation buttons. Also, you can place the navigation buttons on your website’s homepage with vivid colors. 

It is very simple to distract the attention of the kids from other things. Therefore, you should not include any unnecessary pop-up ads as it can distract them and make them forget why they came to your website at first. Therefore, it is very important to use minimal ads so that they can concentrate more on your website.

  • Careful With Your Language

While developing a children-friendly website, you must ensure that the visuals will outweigh the textual content to make the experience of the users more interactive and fun. Try to use the language depending on the age of your targeted audience. For example, if you use too much textual content on your website, then children will find it boring and leave your website.

So, the best strategy for kid-friendly website is to use simple and short sentences rather than using long and complicated paragraphs. Also, be very careful with the choices of your words since vulgar words can ruin the reputation of your website. So, it will be better if you keep your words easy to understand so that children will revisit your site.


When you will develop a website for children, make sure to include interesting things and fun games to keep them engaged and entertained at the same time. However, keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, you can easily build a powerful website for kids. Also, when you will hire the best web development company to develop the best website for children, ask them to add engaging elements to grab the attention of children. 



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