6 Benefits Of Mobile Form Apps Over Paper Forms


    We all know how important it is to gather data, and using proper forms enables businesses to gather the information they want to excel in their growth. The Traditional mode of data collection is gathering data through paper forms. 

    Although paper forms might have been a great asset for businesses in the past, the brave new world of business doesn’t have to depend on paper forms. Going paperless is way too beneficial than sticking with the traditional ways. 

    The mobile form apps like ProntoForms provide a much better solution compared to the physical paper forms. They allow you to gather data easily, get rid of errors, keep all the teams connected, and provide you with a superior solution that you can trust. Keep reading this article as we will share with you the six amazing benefits of using mobile form apps! 

    1. A Cost-Effective Solution

    The cost of buying paper forms might look negligible on the surface. But if you do some research, the costs of paper have increased tremendously over the years. Big organizations that depend on paper forms for their operations have to spend so much money printing them. 

    On the other hand, mobile form apps provide a paperless solution that you can depend on for growing your business. These apps can be integrated easily with all your devices, and you don’t have to buy any specific equipment or spend money regularly like buying paper products. 

    All you have to do to lower your operational costs is picking a mobile form app. There is no shortage of mobile form app options in the market, and you can pick one that does the best job for your business. 

    1. Get Rid Of Errors

    Paper forms make it difficult for you to spot mistakes and remove them. If there’s something wrong written on the form, you will have to correct it yourself, and the mistake might go unnoticed in the first place. 

    On the other hand, mobile form apps make it extremely easy for you to spot mistakes and correct them. All you have to do is open your different forms on the app, scan them collaboratively, and weed out any mistakes you find without going through many papers. 

    1. Addition Of Rich Data

    Reading paper forms has become increasingly difficult. As we are now accustomed to rich data, reading forms devoid of any important media is super annoying. Most people find it hard to hold a piece of paper in their hands that doesn’t provide any valuable information. 

    On the other hand, mobile form apps provide you with rich data like photos, videos, charts, graphs, and other features. You can easily integrate all the important information in the documents to ensure that you have an eye on all the details. The presence of rich data makes mobile forms easy to scan and present. 

    1. Access The Data Easily

    What if you have to find specific data from a certain date, but before you can find what you are looking for, you have to scan thousands of paper forms? The problem with paper forms is that they don’t allow you to get information quickly. 

    Not finding information right on time can stop you from achieving your business goals. If your team is stuck reading the papers from six months ago, you will not be able to make timely decisions that are essential for your business. 

    Mobile forms, on the other hand, provide you with an amazing solution. Instead of going through all the papers, you can easily find the information you want by doing a quick search – it’s that easy to access data with a mobile forms app! 

    1. Analyze The Data

    Analysis of the data is super important to find out useful results. If you are not analyzing all the data because paper forms don’t allow you to do so, your competitors will get ahead of you in no time. It’s up to you to overcome the counter-productive paper forms and use mobile forms apps for proper data analysis. 

    Mobile forms apps enable you to analyze all the information you have gathered from your forms. They make it easier for you to find results that can help you excel in your business. 

    1. Keep Your Data Safe

    Data breaches have become commonplace in this age of information technology. Hackers are always looking to get their hands on the important data of leading businesses. But when you are using paper forms, hackers don’t have to make much effort to steal your data. 

    Any unauthorized person can access the paper forms, and they can use the paper forms and might even change the information written on them. On the other hand, Mobile forms apps provide superior security and enable you to keep all your business information safe from hackers. 


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