5 Working Formulas for Picking a Username for a Gay Dating Site

In so many ways, searching for a potential date online is the same as picking up an interesting magazine, newspaper, or news story. A well-crafted title and accompanying image capture your attention and encourage you to keep reading the article. In the same way, a profile with a nice username and picture is likely to grab your attention quickly. And it becomes even more important when you are on a gay dating site.

Because profile information is frequently culled from social media platforms, several dating services and apps only allow first names to be used as usernames. But it is better to choose a site that lets you pick your username. This way, you can make it memorable and improve your chances of getting positive replies.

Make Sure Your Username is Appropriate for the Dating Site

On a dating app, you have only a few seconds to catch someone’s eye and spark interest before they swipe away. And you can do it with the help of a good username, which has to be appropriate for the dating type you like.

Today, you can find dating sites for everyone. Whether you are looking for online dating sites for black singles, want to date mature gay singles, or love chatting with bisexuals, you can find a platform crafted to do just that. Now, it is essential to consider the type of dating platform you use to select the best username.

If it is for black singles, something suggesting where you come from can help a lot. Using some slang from the black community may also grab someone’s attention more quickly. On a gay dating site, it is quite self-explanatory why you are there in the first place, but you can make it more specific by using “black” to convey your preferences.

Here are some other tips to help you identify the most irresistible username for a gay dating site.

#1 Use Your Background

Again, making your username say a bit about your background, origin, or even ethnicity is a great way to make it more attractive. But you should not exaggerate things here.

It may be tempting to utilize your username to present yourself as a Ph.D., celebrity, or top management, but it is not a good idea to confuse your potential partner here. The truth about your exaggeration will likely come out on the first date, ending any chance of a second.

It is important to pick a meaningful name for online dating that really reflects you, whether it is your personality, your level of closeness with others, your interests, or your line of work. You can also use different combos of your attributes, like “BlackTexan,” “DrGym,” “BlackShakespeare,” and so on.

#2 Borrow Someone’s Name

Just to make your username a bit more memorable and attractive, you can always borrow the name of your favorite gay celebrity, personality, or character. Picking the name of a gay celebrity who is also black is quite self-explanatory and is likely to keep confusion out of the dating process.

Moreover, the name of a fictional person from a book, comic, or film could be used. There are a handful of caveats to this, though. Do not go with a lame username like JamesBond007. Think outside the box.

#3 Complete Your Own Name

When nothing really seems interesting, you can go with your own name. But try to make it more interesting by adding something that talks about your dating preferences.

Ideally, you need to mix your name with something that reflects who you are without being offensive or sleazy unless you are on a gay hookup site facilitating one-night stands.

Make sure you keep it short while still expressing some personal taste. If it is too long, it dilutes your identity and makes it more challenging for people to recall your name. You need details that pop out at you. Just put the year you were born to save time, but do not expect that to help you much.

#4 Show a Piece of Your Life

You can choose something you feel passionate about in life. It can be a word to describe what makes you feel proud about being gay. Or something that describes your personal preferences. The name GUITARHERO would be perfect for any guitarist.

Similarly, something like SEXYPICASSO is a great choice if you are a painter at heart. Those with IT skills could choose “ExceptionalDeveloper,” and those who love to cook could go with “HiphopChef.” The point is to give the reader some insight into who you are by revealing a little bit about yourself.

#5 Make Them Laugh

Nothing is more memorable than something that makes you laugh. The use of humor makes things work in countless scenarios, and that is true for dating as well. You can demonstrate your wit, strength, personal development, and laid-back demeanor by choosing a humorous or satirical nickname.

Anything like “BlackVanilla,” “ChocolateBunny,” “BlacksHaveMoreFun,” etc., can bring a smile to anyone’s face, and that is half the battle in the dating world.


No matter how pleasant your personality is, you cannot hope to enjoy online dating if you ignore the importance of picking the right username. It is critical for gay dating success, but thankfully, you can try some tried-and-tested ways to find an irresistible name that is sure to get you a gay date in no time.

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