5 Ways to Run an Effective Instagram Ad Campaign


    Facebook is everywhere. And it owns Instagram. The monopoly of the social media giant creates privacy concerns, but it comes with a silver lining. Instagram ads, much like those on Facebook are incredibly versatile. If you wish for a wider reach on Instagram, read on.

    The user base on Instagram is enormous. There are more than 500 million monthly active users on the platform. The number grows every day. Thus, Instagram marketing is an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. For your brand’s organic growth, take a look at the following steps which will guide you on the way to an effective and popular ad campaign.

    1. It is the internet: keep it connected.

    To gain engagement on Instagram, first look elsewhere. The ads you create must align with your brand. Further, it should be in coherence with your other social media channels. That way, engagement from multiple platforms will combine and you will be able to achieve your goal exponentially faster.

    For example, Mercedes-Benz was able to achieve a whopping 580% increase in site visits when they combined their ad campaign across Facebook as well as Instagram. You should do the same.

    Not only that, let your ads reflect and complement your voice. Utilize content relevant to your target audience and the industry you cater to.

    2. Keywords and hashtags

    One of the biggest mistakes amateurs often make is the lack of hashtags and keywords in their content. Even if you are just posting for fun, do not go soft on the hashtags. They connect your post to thousands of others all over Instagram. Hashtags are the sole reason the “explore” section on Instagram works at all. And for businesses and brands, keywords and hashtags are equally important.

    Placing these hashtags make your ad visible to Instagram users in the “Search” as well as the “Explore” section. Further, Instagram collects people’s preferences and thus, hashtags allow more specific targeting which increases your Instagram account’s engagement.

    3. Do not fear statistics

    Another amateur mistake is not realizing the value of statistics. They are provided to you for a reason. Use them. Browsing through the statistics will allow you to develop an insight into the type of content that gains maximum traction. 

    Further, it will help you understand your audience and their preferences which is essential for your success. Next, these statistics help you narrow down the most popular offers and promotions among the ones you have held until now.

    Quick Tip: If you are not providing offers and promotions, you are doing it wrong.

    Another important aspect that research and statistics will help you nail is timing. You must know the hours and days which are most suitable in your industry. Statistics for Instagram ads show you the hours when users are most active. Thus, they should not be ignored.

    4. Testing is key

    The scientific process works. That is why it is so popular. And an important part of the scientific process is testing. Before you can start gaining traction and rapid organic growth, you must find a benchmark and test all your ads against that benchmark.

    For testing purposes, find an ad you have previously posted that performed excellently. Compare each of your upcoming advertisements against this “benchmark ad”. Pay attention to the image, the title, as well as other factors that you can score.

    Once you have sufficient data from these tests, revamp your Instagram ads campaign. Improve those factors you discovered to be weak. Testing can significantly improve your brand’s engagement, so do not shy away from it.

    5. Let the ad tell a story

    Instagram is one of the most creatively designed social media platforms available right now. The combination of text, audio, video, hashtags, reels, and stories makes it the perfect channel to tell a story. Do exactly that.

    A plain old poster made on Canva will not attract much attention even if it does manage to reach every single person on the planet. Reaching alone is not enough. You must create an impact. And an impactful campaign requires creativity. Let the creative (that is, the image, audio, or video) that you come up with tell a story that connects with your audience. They will automatically gravitate towards your brand once that happens.


    Instagram has surpassed Twitter in terms of popularity and thus, holds enormous potential for brands and advertisers. Tap into that infinite source and you can drink for life. 

    If there are other tips you can think of, drop them in the comments box below.


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