5 Tips to Accessorizing for Men


    Accessories can take a simple outfit to a new level. They can also allow for some level of practicality to your daily routine. Whether for a day in the office or a night on the town, accessories can add layers of element to your image. However, men aren’t necessarily told how to accessorize, so a little lesson in accessorizing can’t hurt. 

    Think practical

    Consider your eyewear. If you require prescription lenses, you may want to try an updated look for your frames. Even if you don’t need prescription lenses, don’t forget about sunglasses as a practical way to change up your look. Don’t be afraid to match your outfit to your eyeglasses; a classic frame can go with your classic look. 

    Belts hold your pants up, but they also add some character to your style. A leather belt can add an extra element to your look, or a belt buckle can draw attention to your look. Consider other options for holding your pants in place: suspenders are always an option. 

    How do you carry your belongings around? Up your bag game. A messenger bag or a briefcase can add a level of maturity to your commuting style. Find a bag that will help you keep organized while providing a level of comfort. Leather is a classic style. Don’t forget about your wallet! Invest in a sturdy, simple wallet, and it will last you a long time. 

    Jewelry isn’t only for women

    Men’s jewelry is more common than you’d think in the fashion industry. Invest in a good quality watch: silver, steel, or gold watches are an ideal centerpiece. Plastic watches can look childish. In the modern, digital age, you may even want to try a smart watch to capitalize on what your wrist can do. It’s a lot more classy to look at your watch if someone asks for the time instead of checking your smartphone. 

    Necklaces or bracelets can be distinctly masculine. Consider adding a necklace to a v-neck shirt to draw attention to your style. There are ways to add layers  to your style through a chain, or a skull pendant. Don’t forget that your jewelry can also have sentimental value. Your class ring or wedding ring can add some class to your look. 

    A leather bracelet can draw attention to your look. It can add a new level of masculine style. It’s all about balance. Focus on neutral colors and materials.  Don’t go too large when it comes to jewelry. 

    Customize your accessories to your personality

    Whether it be a baseball cap of your favorite team, or a pair of fun socks, your accessories can

    give people insight to your interests before you even open your mouth. You can even customize

    your tie to your office look while maintaining a level of professionality. 

    Don’t forget about your shoes

    A pair of leather shoes are essential for dressing up a classy look–whether it be for your

    office job or a formal event. In order to keep your shoes in the best shape, you should take care

    of them. Polish them frequently with a high quality polish to maintain a nice shine. 

    Shoes can be excellent statement pieces. Bright color gym shoes often draw attention to your

    kicks. It doesn’t hurt to keep a simple pair of neutral sneakers on hand. While your shoes may

    look good, make sure they are comfortable!

    Be confident

    Confidence is key. People can tell if you feel uncomfortable or awkward in your clothes. A positive attitude and optimism can make all the difference. If you feel good, you’ll look good. If you’re feeling unsure about an outfit, test it out before a big event or taking it out on the town. 

    With these tips, you can bring your outfit to the next level. By adding something as simple as a watch or a belt, you can add years of maturity to your appearance. It never hurts to try something new when it comes to fashion. 


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