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5 Things You Need To Count On While Reviewing A Tech Resume

Reviewing a resume is an art just as much as crafting one. Hiring the right employees for a job is a very crucial task because their mistakes will translate directly into the downfall of your company’s reputation. 

 When it comes to tech, the world is highly competitive. The chances are that when you put out a job opening to hire expert mobile developers or front-end programmers, your inbox will be flooded by numerous applications. It can be very straining to screen all of them since one always seems to be better than the other.  

Having ample knowledge and expertise on resumes, crafting them, and reviewing them is vital to filter the best candidates for the job who will benefit the company. Hence, here are five things you should count on while reviewing a tech resume:

1. Overall Design 

This is the first thing you should consider, as an employer. Before diving into the content, judge the overall look and feel of the resume. This will tell a lot about the effort the candidate has put into making the resume and the value they hold for your company.  

If the resume lacks proper formatting and the font is inconsistent, then it reflects the fact that not a lot of effort has been put into its curation. 

However, if the resume, at first glance, looks neat and fresh with proper formatting with a minimalistic look, it emphasizes that the applicant is trying to showcase their creative side while also making the resume as legible as possible.  

Although it is a technical resume, the applicants need to have a basic understanding of creativity so that they can collaborate with other divisions of the company like the marketing team or the design team without much hassle. 

Hence, you should also look at the color scheme that the applicant has employed. If the resume is too flashy or the text and the background have no contrast making it very difficult to read, then it may be safe to assume that the applicant lacks creative insight.  

If creativity is not a significant concern for your company, then you may proceed further to look into the header and body content. 

2. Header Design and Content 

Header design and what content is included in it comes next. Good header design is the one that seamlessly integrates into the rest of the resume. The color choices should not be too abstract or radical.

If an applicant includes a portrait photograph, you can assume that they are more confident, willing to give their resume a personality, and do not fear judgment. 

However, a resume without a photograph is neutral and free from any assumptions. You may infer, from a resume without a picture, that the applicant does not like to gamble and is a safe player.  

Then, you can move on to the most crucial part, the name, and designation. An ideal resume has the applicant’s name in large and bold letters with the designation for which they are applying just below the name in a slightly smaller font. 

This designation or title plays an essential role since it provides you, the employer, clarity on what the applicant is expecting, and you can make a better judgment if they are suitable for that particular job after going through the rest of the content.  

Some applicants may even choose to provide contact information in the header itself instead of at the end, which is also a good indicator that they are urging the employer to reach them as soon as possible. 

3. Personal Summary and Objective 

The personal summary and objective tell worlds about the employee. Since there is a constraint in the number of words they can use, you can evaluate how well they can express themselves and also which values are most important to them. 

The objective lets you know if the applicant is fond of the company or is there only because of the money you are offering. 

Summary paragraphs also help you determine how serious the employee is to work at your company. For example, if the summaries are very general and lack personality, then you may assume that it was used to apply for many other jobs. 

However, if the employees are very enthusiastic about working at your organization, then it is reflected in their summaries and objectives as they will be curated to reflect the company’s goals and values.  

Since you are reviewing a technical resume, it is essential to take note of how much emphasis they are putting on their professional skills. 

For example, if you are looking to hire PHP web developers, it is recommended that they devote at least one line to talk about their expertise and passion for PHP in their objective section. 

4. Body Content 

Body content is the most critical parameter of all the five ones mentioned in this article. The first and foremost thing you should note here is what the candidate is trying to present to your first.  

An ideal candidate, especially an experienced person, would first display their professional experience in the field they are applying, followed by their educational qualifications. 

People who have experience in the field they are applying in would prefer to showcase their expertise rather than emphasizing the type of education they received. This will also be more in line with what your company is looking for.  

If you are looking to hire only freshers, then you would probably receive more applications that emphasize education since many graduates do not have professional experience in their fields. In such cases, you can evaluate them based on the internships and training they have undergone.

After this, look for any mentions of achievements, awards, or certifications. This reinforces the candidate’s credibility and shows how focused they are in this niche. 

5. Branding and Any Extra Flair 

Finally, look for any extra elements that the candidate is presenting like social media profiles or websites. If they have their portfolio website or a business website, it reflects their seriousness and professionalism. Such candidates are generally an excellent choice to hire.  

Another rare element that only very few creative and technically skilled candidates include in their resumes are QR codes. These QR codes typically redirect the employer to their portfolio or business websites so that you can know more about the candidate. 


By evaluating a resume based on these five pointers, you can be reasonably sure to recruit the ideal candidate for any of the vacant positions at your company. 

Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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