5 Things to Ask About Before Getting Married (15 Questions)

    5 Things to Ask About Before Getting Married (15 Questions)
    5 Things to Ask About Before Getting Married (15 Questions)

    Love finds you out of nowhere. It’s a very pleasant feeling, and everything is just so flawless and fluffy from the beginning. You’re feeling so many things at once; every date is like a holiday; it’s an incredible time. Often, on this wave of hormones, you or your partner may decide to propose.

    But how can you be sure it’s your lobster? (“Friends” reference, anyone?). Well, Ukrainian women for marriage have an answer. There are 5 things you can ask a person about to see if they are what you’ve been looking for.

    Children-Related Questions

    First of all, ask if they want children at all. There are lots of child-free people out there, and there’s nothing wrong with it. If they say yes and you want kids as well, talk about the timeframe and how many they want.

    You can also ask things like:

    • What values would you want to instill in your child?
    • What if your kid comes out as gay? How will you react?
    • How would you want to raise the child?

    These questions will show you how loyal and adequate the person is and whether your values are similar.

    Conflict-Related Questions

    There are no families without conflicts. If you don’t argue at all, that means one of three things:

    • One of you doesn’t care;
    • You don’t know each other enough;
    • You are both enlightened, sophisticated, wholesome people.

    Unfortunately, the latter isn’t a frequent situation, so you’ll have to talk about conflict-solving. Ask things like:

    • How can we communicate through conflict?
    • Do you usually talk about your feelings, or it’s better to leave you alone for a while?
    • Would you agree to visit a psychologist if we had problems?

    Sex-Related Questions

    Sex is an essential part of romantic relationships. People don’t talk about it enough; this topic is still considered taboo by a lot of people. But if there’s no intimacy in a romantic relationship, this might mean that one of your is asexual (and you should talk about it too), or your relations are following the “parent-child” scenario.

    This is a very frequent problem for many couples. Because of your psychological traumas as a kid, you seek for a parent in your partner. Everything is fine, you love and cherish each other, know each other 100%, but the sex topic is not on the table.


    • What are your sexual preferences?
    • How can we communicate if there’s a sex-related problem?
    • What insecurities you have sex-wise? (share yours as well).

    Jealousy-Related Questions

    It’s not fair if you can’t leave the house and meet with friends just because your partner gets jealous. But it’s also important to understand that we’re all different and have our traumas and insecurities. Oftentimes, those become the reason for jealousy. They might be scared of losing you or aren’t sure if you’re faithful enough.

    It’s OK if you can talk about it. Ask them:

    • Are you a jealous person in general?
    • Why do you think that is (if yes)?
    • How can I communicate with you about it and find common ground?

    Finances-Related Questions

    You have to find out how your partner handles finances, so ask:

    • Do you save?
    • How do you react to spontaneous spendings?
    • Common budget or personal money and a common savings account?

    In the modern world, there’s nothing wrong with getting married after knowing someone for mere months (sometimes even weeks). After all, there are marriages that last for 30-40 years and get destroyed easily. And there are couples that got married after a week of dating, and they live happily ever since.


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