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5 Things That Influences the Quality of Your Ajax Windows and Doors Replacement

It can be absolutely disappointing when you purchase an excellent replacement for Ajax windows and doors, and it fails to serve its purpose. In case your product is poorly installed, it does not only become inefficient but also most manufacturers void its warranty. To avoid frustrations, it is always prudent to take precautionary measures against such a mess.

To begin with, make sure you choose a professional company like Thwindowsdoors to do the installation work if you do not know how to do it. If you are not good at examining, you should never go for a new contractor to do your job. Do some research about your contractor before entrusting them with your project. You can also use your local area guidelines on window installation to guide you during the process. Some of the things that can affect the efficiency of your replacement Ajax windows and doors include:

  • Measurement

Vinyl Ajax window replacement solely depends on correct measurements of the window and its components. A slight misappropriation of measures affects the entire window and its functionality. To know whether your contractor has the right measurement for your window, check if:

They are enlarging your window opening. It indicates they have a larger window than the actual size. A huge gap is left after the installation. It shows that the window is smaller than the window opening. Changing the jamb size is, however, not an alarming sign.

Disclaimer: professional installers can still install custom Ajax windows and doors by enlarging the window or door opening. If you are not sure about the installer, do not let them expand your window space.

Tip: make sure your contractor takes measurements of your window before they start working on it.

  • Window Positioning

It refers to installing the replacement window from the exterior or the interior. If the window is to be positioned from the exterior, the wall thickness should be 2 x 4. And, if a wall exceeds this thickness, the proper jamb size should be installed.
Replacement windows perform better in cold regions when placed closer to the interior. In this position, they minimize condensation, wear, and tear of the window glass and its components

  • Shims

To ensure longevity and correct functioning of your windows, make sure that shimming is perfectly done. Since this is the place where the screw is run, shims should be strategically placed.
A shim provides anchorage to your window, and when not well placed, your window is likely to produce creaking sound when it expands. Poor shimming also contributes to the warping of windows.

Disclaimer: when doing Ajax window replacement for an old home, remember that its widows may not be even, and others may be lacking shims. Take time to look at such Ajax windows and doors and note the components they are missing and how you can install your replacement window.

  • Level, Plumb, Square

At this step, make sure that your horizontal and vertical planes are perfectly in line. You can also measure the lengths diagonally, and when they have the same measurements, then your window is level, plumb, and square.

If these factors are not in line, your window and its components will be difficult to operate. So, it will lose its energy-efficiency and allow the draft and moisture to pass.

Disclaimer: your contractor can install your replacement window level, plumb, and square, but the wall is not straight. Take note of this difference and take the necessary measures to ensure your window provide you with the efficiency you seek.

  • Insulation Foam

It is the utmost component in the replacement window installation. The insulation foam is not ideal for too narrow or too wide gaps. When used in such gaps, it creates malfunctions to your window, which can cause damage and difficulty in operating.
In cases where minor gaps are left, caulking is a better option than using insulation foam.

Bonus: Rotten Wood

If you have a wooden Ajax windows and doors frame, make sure that you check it for rottenness before your contractor starts working. They should replace it if it is rotten to give your replacement window solid support. Although this is a bonus feature to consider, it is not a bonus during installation as your contractor can decide to add an extra cost.

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