5 Key Factors for Comparing NBN Plans


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Are you looking for a new internet plan? Nearly nine in 10 Australians are now active internet users, according to Statista. If you have a mobile phone, various NBN Plans are available for you. The National Broadband Network went live in April 2011 so it has been serving Australians for nearly a decade. When selecting a broadband plan, there are several factors to consider for the best service:

User Compatibility   

Before you start selecting a particular Internet plan, you should consider your main uses for web connectivity. Some options include:

  • Internet browsing
  • Social Media
  • Streaming Movies
  • Online Gaming
  • 4K Videos
  • Multiple-device Streaming

You should consider factors, including download and upload speeds, unlimited/limited data, etc. Some consumers just use the web to check email, web browsing, and Facebook account. Others need support for 4K videos, online gaming, etc.

Limited/Unlimited Data

When you have a data cap, this requires you to carefully track your data consumption. This could require you to take steps like ditching YouTube videos, for example. Unlimited data plans are a practical service for many Internet users. 

One of the main benefits of this feature is you can save money on chargeable calls. Unlimited data also reduces your stress levels since you can avoid guesstimating your daily data consumption. The main exception is users who rarely connect to the web.

4G Backup

While broadband internet usually provides high reliability, there are times when the network goes offline. 4G backup can help by shifting your NBN broadband connection to a 4G connection. This is a short-term process until NBN broadband is back online.

The key benefit is this provides seamless connectivity. When you are making or receiving critical calls or texts, it is important to maintain web connectivity. This will result in slower web speeds, and some areas do not support 4G backup. However, what is critical is you can maintain your Internet connection.

Surveys show that data caps are generally unpopular with consumers. For example, in 2015 Netflix reported it should have “avoided” all data cap schemes in Australia, according to The Verge.  Today, more internet service providers (ISPs) are shifting to unlimited data plans. 

Discounted Plans

Sometimes, ISPs offer discounted monthly plans. Usually, it requires you to sign up for a minimum of six months.

The ISP benefits since you will use their services for a set number of months. This helps to explain why they are willing to provide consumers with a discount.

One main benefit of such discounts is you can save a substantial amount of money over the course of your month-to-month plan. So instead of just saving AUD $10 per month on a 6-month plan, you would actually be saving AUD $60.

Some consumers dislike all Internet plans since this means they will have the same scheme for several months. However, one benefit of an affordable plan with added value is it can make your life simpler.

Free Extras

Some Internet schemes also include extra perks like a free Wi-Fi hub. Such extras are often added if you stay with a particular plan for multiple years, for example.

You should probably not sign up for a particular Internet plan for years just to get the free modem. However, if you find an outstanding ISP scheme, then this is certainly a perk that can make it practical to stay with it for years rather than months.

If you are searching for the best Internet service for your home or office needs, then you have many NBN Plans to pick from. They include different connectivity speeds, monthly rates, and extra perks. These and other issues can help you find the perfect plan.  

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