5 Indoor Activities to Get Through a Chilly Winter!

We all are outdoor people. We just can’t sit back in our rooms, lying all day in bed and eating our problems away. We need to get out and explore what the world has to offer. But with the snow coming, all the outdoor activities will be hard to manage. My husband, my children and I find the most fun in exploring the outdoors. We even try to get out in chilly weather, but then comes a time when you just can’t set a foot outside your cozy home. That is the time when you probe to indulge in interesting indoor activities like Ping Pong Beast, to save your mind being entangled in its own thoughts. Well, don’t worry we have listed down 5 fun indoor activities that can get you through these thick cold days. 

  1. Binge-watching: 

Well, we all do it every now and then. However, in freezing cold it can prove to be more than that. You can plan a special movie night with your special one or with the family with lots of food and wine by the side. At the end of the day, this is what we all want. Good food, people we love lots of wine and a fine movie. 

5 Indoor Activities to Get Through a Chilly Winter!
5 Indoor Activities to Get Through a Chilly Winter!

Get yourself a great cable TV connection, which provides HD channels and lets you enjoy on-demand content. Talking of a reliable and HD cable TV or internet connection that doesn’t bail on you in heavy snow I can only think of Spectrum as one such connection and no other provider. 

  1. Board games:

When it’s snowing outside and all family members gather up around the fireplace with a board game in middle and nuts on the side is a sight for every family man. There are several board games like carom board, chess, monopoly, etc. 

 If your family is a die-hard fan of the Game of Thrones like mine then here is good news for you. You’ll be glad to know that Game of Thrones board game is now available in stores. This epic game is played between six houses. You raise your banners for wars and maneuver strategies to get yourself that precious throne which rules the seven kingdoms. 

  1. Scavenger Hunt: 

Scavenger Hunt is our all-time favorite game. Every age group enjoys the thrill of it. Normally scavenger hunt is enjoyed out in the open but with the right company, it can prove to be great fun indoors too. Hidden clues around the house followed by cunning riddles and working as a team or an efficient individual make this game all the more fun. Leaving a treasure at the end can add an element of surprise.

  1. Build a tapestry table for your children: 

Building something on your own gives a certain type of satisfaction that no other thing can provide. So get yourself a second-hand coffee table and accord a large piece of burlap all the way to the edges. You can use it to learn sewing yourself or can teach your children how to craft a beautiful design on clothes. This activity is not just fun but also teaches your children motor skills which can be of great benefit to them. 

  1. Sculpturing & pottery: 
5 Indoor Activities to Get Through a Chilly Winter!
5 Indoor Activities to Get Through a Chilly Winter!

Not every one of us knows to sculpture, but playing with dough and clay, has always been fun. Winters give us a great opportunity to enhance our skills and do something useful with the clay. You can enrol yourself in a sculpturing course at home and get assistance from YouTube. Just follow the steps and you’ll see that you actually get to create something, which gets better with practice. Sculpturing is not just interesting but is a great activity to get through boring shady days of winter. 


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She works as a social worker as well as a cat whisperer in her free time – contributing to spreading awareness about child and animal abuse. She also aspires to be an author/ poet like Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Bronte. You can connect with her via LinkedInTwitter or Instagram.

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