When you are ready to start your new business, the naming of your company is one of the most important decisions that you need to make. Depending on what type of business you are starting up, you might be entering a saturated market where all the good names have been taken up. 

Then again, if your service or product is good, your name will catch on quickly and you could garner a loyal following in no time. Nevertheless, here are three essential tips you can follow to create a catchy name that will stick. 

Brainstorm till you love it

You know the inner workings of your business better than anyone. To get the right name for your business, you need to take all of that info and try and sum it up in one word and then maybe a small slogan. 

Your mind is a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas and it happens that you sometimes forget what you were thinking or where a certain train of thought was headed as a new one arrives. This is called your stream of consciousness. 

One of the best methods of clearing your mind is to write down everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter in which order or formal, whether you think of a scenario, a picture, or an imaginary conversation – everything needs to be put down. If you are afraid that you are going to miss something, use a Dictaphone and voice your thoughts. 

You’ll find that your mind starts to clear up and you will be able to sift through everything that you wrote down. Before you know it, you’ll have enough material to go through to get you to that “Aha” or “I’ve got it” moment. 

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Make it lasting

3 Tips For Catchy Naming Of Your Business
3 Tips For Catchy Naming Of Your Business

Fads come and go and what is in today is out tomorrow. That is why you need to make sure your name will stand the test of time. This is easier said than done, especially in today’s ever-evolving digital and technological landscape. The best way to accomplish this is to think back ad reflect on the vision you have for your company. 

It will do you no good if you name your company according to the circumstance of now. In all likelihood, you will be starting small and work your way to expansion. It is with this expansive mindset that you have to think not only of the now but also about the core values of your company and what your company represents. 

If you deliver a service, it is always a good idea to include the core of your service in the name, but the key is to make it short and powerful. 

You want to evoke positive feelings when people read your company name, but you also don’t want to create a cliché. If your business is product-based, think of the uniqueness of your brand and what you offer that others don’t. 

Availability is the last hurdle

Once you have gone through the whole process of figuring out what your company name is going to be, you want to make sure that the name is still available. Again, a digital presence is key in today’s business world and you want to ensure that your company name is SEO recognizable and also legit when you use your name in a .com URL. 

Although there are a number of other extensions that you can claim like .org or .net, a .com URL has the potential of pushing your company to another form of legitimacy.  

One of the best ways to ensure that you end up with a workable name is to not just make one name, but a couple. There are thousands of startups nowadays and more people are getting on the entrepreneur train, so you are bound to have a name that is already in use somewhere. You can use a domain service like GoDaddy or Namecheap or HostGator.

To check the availability of a URL. Don’t fret when your name is already taken. You can add a single word or alternate spelling to get your desired address. 

Lastly, if the name is already taken, go and check out the website. You’d be surprised at how many times a business can have the same name, but deliver a completely different service or product. He last thing that you need to check is the social handles, so make sure you’ll pop up on the channel you wish to operate. 


Although choosing a company name can be difficult, there aren’t many feelings that come close to finally getting it down and registered. Once your business name is settled, you are one step closer to reaching your dream. It gives you the confidence to go out and promote your brand because now it has a name, now it has an identity.


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