12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Florals and greenery leave a significant impact on the human mind, soul, and, in fact, the whole body. Irrefutably, the plants and blooming flowers placed in the surroundings give a calming view to the sight and induce the fresh scent that we inhale.

Also, they soothe the mind and bring a smile to the face. Are we exaggerating the situation? Of course, not. If you’re a true garden-lover, then you would 110% agree with me.

Yes, the plants, flowers, and greenery heal the man with their shapes, fragrances, and existence. Hence, they are called natural, pocket-friendly healers because you don’t have to go out of budget or spend energy in order to bring them in and enjoy their benefits. Plus, some of them come with magic, which fills your heart and home with luck, prosperity, and forever blessings. And speaking of satisfaction, how would you feel if your plants will rotate in the mid-air? That’s right, now you can have your plants being rotated in the mid-air with the help of a floating planter. And if you want to add a unique eye-catching item to your home, this will work best with the same as well buy houseplants online. Floated Airsai-Floating Plant Pot is one of the best planters available in the market nowadays that will make your plant a perfect levitating plant

In this article, we will briefly discuss the best healing plants that are also a good source of spiritual satisfaction.

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The medicinal plants’ list is as follows:

1.    Calendula

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Calendula Officinalis, Pot Marigold, is a flowering plant that blooms from summer until frost. It is a short-lived perennial plant that grows in full sun and most types of soil. Calendula is an annual plant that rarely survives both in cold winters and warm summers. It is one of those plants that heal wounds. It works as an antioxidant, relieves stomach pain, and promotes healthy skin.

2.    Gerbera L.

Gerbera L. is a daisy flower that was named after German botanist and medical doctor named Traugott Gerber. According to NASA, this plant is known for its ability to remove benzene from the air. This is how it heals a man by providing clean air to inhale. Also, Gerbera absorbs airborne compounds and produces oxygen at night that helps those who suffer from sleep apnea.

3.    Rose Of Jericho

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Rose of Jericho is generally known as a flower of Mary and is one of the welcoming therapeutic houseplants. This spiritual rose is famous for bringing happiness, luck, and money in the house because of its religious connection with the world’s glorious personalities. The rose usually grows in deserts, but it can be kept in homes too. One of this lucky plant’s unique features is that it is not a rose; however, it opens up like a rose. For more information, you can check the care guide for Jericho rose.

4.    Lemon Balm

Melissa Officinalis, Lemon Balm, comes from the same family as mint. It is a lemon-scented herb that grows in full sun and well-drained soil. The perennial plant’s aroma is used to make different medicines. It heals the person in many ways, such as by eliminating stress and improving sleep. Also, it is best for indigestion, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, Lemon balm oil is used for massage therapy.

5.    Chamomile

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Chamomile (or camomile) is a daisy-like flowery herb plant. This lovely flora is being used as a remedy for several health conditions for ages. The plant needs full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil for better growth. Alongside this, to get chamomile tea, you need to harvest the flower dry and infuse it into hot water. It aids in sleep and indigestion. When it is used in aromatherapy, it heals the person mentally by reducing anxiety and depression. Plus, it is also used as a home décor indoor plant.

6.    Azalea

Azalea belongs to Rhododendron’s genus and is considered one of the plants for prosperity because of its pretty and bright flowery petals. It is a decorative indoor plant with flowers that beautifies your home and spellbinds the viewers with its looks. Additionally, the lovely pink plant needs a humid environment and moist soil to propagate. This healing plant improves air by absorbing formaldehyde present in the place.

7.    Boston Fern

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

The medicinal and healing herby houseplant Boston Fern, Nephrolepis exaltata, is known as a natural humidifier. But, make sure that it is kept moist and under indirect sunlight to grow. The plant eradicates the harmful pollution and toxins like formaldehyde or xylene from the air. Interestingly, Boston Fern is perfect for those with dry skin because it keeps the environment misted. Many people hang them up to the ceiling as it makes an awe-inspiring décor item.

8.    Peace Lily

Peace lily, Spathiphyllum, is an indoor flowering plant, requires indirect sunlight to bloom well. The plant is sometimes called a closet plant due to this property. As the name tells, the powerful houseplant heals the person by improving the air quality. Thereby, it neutralizes the polluted gases present in their air. Make sure to keep it away from pets. The reason behind its popularity is that it comes with a spiritual significance and can soothe your sight.

9.    Aloe Vera

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

Aloe vera is a succulent medicinal plant, likes to flourish under proper sunlight but indoor. Also, keep checking if the plant is deeply but infrequently watered as aloe doesn’t like wet feet. The compounds of the plant contain anti-inflammatory properties that heal the human skin speedily. Placing it under indirect sunlight is the most advantageous option. The miracle plant soothes the sunburns, cuts, and other burns as well. In short, it comes with various herbal remedies.

10.Snake Plant

The plant with the scientific name, Dracaena trifasciata, is also known as “Mother-in-law Tongue.” The beautiful upward-facing leaves are perfect for indoor décor. Either place it in your room or decorate the central table with it; the choice is yours. This plant improves air quality by absorbing different gases like benzene, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde and releases oxygen in the surroundings. That’s how it calms the mind down by providing refreshing air to inhale.

11. Lavender

12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home
12 Healing Plants You Should Have In Your Home

It can be the best spiritual houseplant because of its ravishing color. The purplish plant is another healing plant as the oil derived from Lavender is used for massage therapy. The plant grows in well-drained soil and under full sunlight (you can arrange grow-light to provide sufficient light indoor). Make sure that you have checked your USDA zone before growing Lavender. Besides, the plant has a calming influence. The scent relaxes the mind and helps to heal the soul.

Lavender is also used in several fragrances.

12.English IVY

English IVY, Hedera Helix, thrives under fluorescent light (but not sunlight). That’s why it is perfect to put in your room’s corner where there is artificial light in abundance. Also, the soil in which the plant is grown must be dry-to-moist for better development. English IVY purifies the air from the airborne mold particles found in various things present in the home and reduces allergies. Undoubtedly, you can find healing through it and experience a peaceful sleep at night.

Final Words

Above, we have tried to cover the maximum types of medicinal (healing) plants. We bet that you wouldn’t regret having these magical healers in your home. Sooner or later, you would start experiencing the miracles they will do to your life.

Heal Yourself With Plants!


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